Author: Megan Bozman

As we wrote in a recent blog, no business is immune to cyber security threats. Cyber security risks are now higher than they’ve ever been, and lower than they ever will be. But you can’t mitigate risks until you know what they are. You can’t fix problems you’re not aware of. Like a leak in […]

BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data. Google recently announced upcoming changes to BigQuery’s commercial model, including the introduction of: Google also announced new BigQuery editions with 3 pricing tiers: You can pick the right feature set for individual workload requirements, and mix and match for […]

During the recent SXSW 2023, Wursta and WRST Collabs had the pleasure of partnering with ATX Game Makers, a non-profit community dedicated to helping increase diversity in the gaming industry, to present the unofficial SXSW 2023 Game Makers Lounge. The event was held March 13-14, and mixed art and the web3 world with gaming, accompanied […]

It’s great to have options when it comes to remembering important stuff or keeping track of deadlines, due dates, and to-dos. But it is also great to keep it simple. Having to pick from too many tools that do essentially the exact same thing can lead to confusion. That’s Google’s plan – consolidate some overlap […]

AI is a hot topic, particularly with the recent release of ChatGPT. I don’t envy teachers with the problem of trying to discern which student essays were AI-generated. Putting aside such academic conundrums, Google is innovating -as usual- and releasing AI functionality that can help us be more efficient. Google has already leveraged AI as […]

Welcome back to the third installment in our business continuity series. First, we covered what it means to not have a Business Continuity (BC) plan then we looked at the gains you can realize by using Google Workspace for BC, now we will dive deeper into the business impact and cost savings of a BC […]