3 Steps to Increase ROI from G Suite

Natalie Willis

Natalie Willis

January 15, 2020

Cloud services make big promises of dramatic ROI from improved collaboration, rapid business transformation, enhanced security and savings from optimized IT budgets. The problem is, transitioning to G Suite, or any other cloud productivity platform, is full of challenges and many businesses never realize the expected benefits.

Once your initial G Suite implementation and data migration is complete you need to build and execute a technology roadmap of initiatives focused on change management, G Suite adoption, secure communication, business innovation and operational effectiveness to unlock the full value of an investment in G Suite and other cloud technologies. This roadmap will allow you to build a backlog of technology initiatives so your team and partners will be ready to help drive results across the business.

Here are the top 3 ways we help our clients increase their ROI from G Suite through our Managed Cloud Services.

1. Proactive, ongoing change management

New features and enhancements are launched frequently, and many can go unnoticed. Help your organization get the most out of G Suite updates by announcing new features, promoting enhancements and delivering training on product updates. Google offers several ways to stay abreast of new releases, as well as a list of planned features in development for launch in the future. Check out the G Suite YouTube channel for how-to’s, tips & tricks, customer stories and more.

2. Security, security, security

You may have security controls that are collecting dust, and there may be greater and more advanced controls available to you depending on your G Suite edition. Improve your security posture in G Suite using several administrative controls. Enable basic (at least) mobile management to enforce passcodes on devices that access your company’s G Suite data. Set up Gmail and Drive data loss prevention rules to protect sharing of private or sensitive data. Implement SPF, DKIM and DMARC to protect against spam and spoofing. Lastly, enable advanced phishing and malware protections to protect users from malicious attachments, links and spoofed messages.

3. Transform the way you work with collaboration design

Legacy tools can bog you down, often hindering productive communication and seamless collaboration in the workplace. Enhance collaboration and boost productivity between teams using tools like Google Drive, Chat and Meet. People can achieve more together, and get things done faster with real-time collaboration on Docs, Sheets and Slides. Hangouts Chat makes it easy for employees to connect, share ideas and save precious time sending emails and waiting for responses. Add a personal touch to your conference calls, or cut down on travel expenses with virtual, face-to-face video meetings held via Hangouts Meet.

Connect with us to discuss your initiatives roadmap or to hear about some of the initiatives on which we’ve recently engaged with our Managed Cloud customers, such as configuring third-party app integrations, IT Admin training, monthly G Suite training events, Shared Drives implementation, SSO setup, 2-step verification rollout and much more!

Wursta’s Managed Cloud Services program will help you achieve the full benefits and ROI G Suite can provide. Our team of technical advisors, change management architects and business analysts provide the support you need to make the changes you want.

Natalie Willis

Natalie Willis

January 15, 2020

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