5 things to know before your company’s Google Workspace go-live

Emily Trofholz

Emily Trofholz

April 23, 2021

No matter what email system you start with, a transition to a new provider will come with its share of headaches and challenges. Change is tough. And we understand how crucial it is to ready your team to migrate to Google Workspace. Recent updates to Google Workspace makes it the most robust set of tools for enabling secure collaboration. Organizations not using Google Workspace are eager to adopt these new tools. From our go-live experiences, here are a few things you can do to prepare for the road ahead.

1. Remind users to gather the login information for all of their devices.

In general, it’s good practice to know all of your passwords and login information, but it’s notably important during a go-live. One of our reps said he spent about 30 minutes per user trying to get them to log in to their iPhone with their new account. A lot of time was spent remembering Apple ID information. If you plan on using an iPhone or personal cell phone to access your work account, be sure to have your phone’s operating system login credentials ready.

Bonus tip: have a new password prepared for your Google account. Best security practices emphasize how important it is to have a different password for your accounts.

2. Have secondary or backup information ready.

We all know multi-factor authentication is one of the easiest ways to keep your account secure. Choose the phone number (work or personal) or secondary email account you’ll want to use for Google’s Two-Step Verification and set it up right away. If something doesn’t work correctly or you have questions, you’ll have support staff on hand to help in real-time.

3. Keep tech-savvy teammates on hand.

Yes, your email provider and/or implementation partner will be there with you every step of the way and will have support staff on call, but a little extra help won’t hurt. If you have coworkers who pick things up quickly, especially when it comes to technology, have them set up first and ready to provide guidance. A familiar face encouraging others and showing them how smooth this process can be will go a long way. If you are one of these people, volunteer to be a go-to guru and learn as much as you can about the go-live process. If you’re not one of these people, find someone who is and bring them coffee. And thank them for their help.

4. Make it fun and keep it positive.

We know changing operating systems can feel like putting work on pause. This can be stressful, especially for departments with approaching deadlines or limited staff. Find ways to make it a positive experience, almost like a party! We’ve seen companies provide special swag, balloons, catered meals, or host a happy hour to celebrate the transition to a new system. After all, this is a positive change – Google Workspace enables you to do your best work.

5. Ask for feedback throughout the process.

Keep communication channels open to solicit feedback throughout the process: beginning, middle, and end. Measure employee satisfaction by comparing it before, during, and after the go-live. Simply use a Google Form and ask how satisfied users are with the go-live (ranking 1-5) and include an open paragraph for them to leave additional comments. Then repeat this process during each phase. We actually created this list from the feedback we’ve received from a recent go-live. We created a Google Doc and asked each rep to add a bullet point, sharing something they learned.

Wursta makes this transition easy and enjoyable

Changing the way you work is no easy process, but these tips will help alleviate some of the stressors that are bound to happen. And for some people (like us) this transformation is exciting. It’s a fresh start, a chance to be your most productive self. If you have questions about go-live processes or productivity in general, reach out to us here. We’d love to connect with you!

Emily Trofholz

Emily Trofholz

April 23, 2021

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