Add Images To Your Presentation Easily With ‘Research’

Brian Burchanowski

Brian Burchanowski

November 30, 2015

I know whenever I am working on a presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint I am constantly going back and forth to add images to my presentation.  It came to be such a pain to close out of Powerpoint, to go into a browser, find an image, save it, then go back and add the file, etc….

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could do all of that directly in your presentation? Thankfully, Google has thought of this. It is extremely easy to add images to your presentation by just following the below instructions:

Step 1: Open a document or presentation.

Step 2: Do one of the following:

– Go to the Tools menu select Research.

– Use the keyboard shortcut (Option + Cmd + Shift + I on a Mac, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I on a PC). Right-click on a specific word and select Research.

Step 3: A panel will open on the right side of the page. Start a search by typing into the search bar.

Step 4: You can narrow your search to specific types of results (for example, images or quotations) by using the drop-down menu in the search bar.


After you open the Research tool you will see the above box. It will show you topics related to what it thinks you are working on, based on the contents already in the presentation. Simply type in what you need and add it in.

Then you are done! On to the next thing you need to add. You will wind up finishing presentations in half the time, freeing up time for whatever else you need to finish to get home on time.

Brian Burchanowski

Brian Burchanowski

November 30, 2015

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