Endpoint management and data loss prevention can be fun. Who knew?

Emily Trofholz

Emily Trofholz

May 7, 2021

Data security is always important, but with employees still working remote, it’s difficult to keep data stewardship top of mind. When employees are all together in a shared space, it’s easier to constantly promote your IT initiatives. But now with hybrid (and some still fully remote) work spaces, how do you remind employees to be security conscious in a way that’s memorable and engaging?

Wursta knows fun

If you’ve attended the past two of our five collaboration and security webinars, you know that the Wursta team always finds a way. We are truly passionate about helping people leverage their technology and that comes through in the creative, fun approaches we take on technical topics. Cloud experts Patrick Della Peruta and Chris Hopkins-Ward bring their expertise and ingenuity to the screen while discussing data loss prevention and endpoint management.

Although they’re two experienced Cloud experts, they’re still normal people. They spend most of their day at their desk, working remote. They like to experiment with Google Meet backgrounds. They have weird dreams. They eat Chipotle. They’re just like us.

And just like us, they make mistakes. Watch Chris ask Patrick for help after he forgets his phone at Chipotle over his lunch break during the endpoint management webinar below. Patrick demonstrates how easy it is to offload a device to prevent people outside of the organization from accessing company data. Then, with the click of a button, he can grant access once Chris discovered he had it on his person the whole time. We’ve all been there, Chris. Don’t beat yourself up.

Manage any device from anywhere with Google device management

Patrick and Chris walked through the basics of Google’s endpoint management in less than 20 minutes. But Endpoint management isn’t just about wiping mobile devices; it can cover enforced passcodes, accessibility to certain applications, and more. It’s not only device policy; it’s context, traffic, usage, and operating system status. 

Furthermore, Google is constantly updating and adding new features. Learn about the latest updates and how they apply to your company with Wursta’s Endpoint Management Workshop. It’s flexible and consultative. We can cover third-party platforms and how they integrate into your Google Workspace account. If this is something you’re interested in, reach out to us here.

Data loss prevention: simplified and secure

Now, when you think it can’t get any better, we start talking about data loss prevention (DLP). DLP has had its fair share of updates lately, so it’s crucial to stay on top of the many rules and improvements available in Admin Console. Prevent stress dreams, like the one Chris had about his personal information (credit card number, social security number, probably the name of his first pet, too) roaming all over the world, available for all to see. That sounds like a security nightmare. To see more about Chris’s stress dream and how Patrick put him at ease with Wursta’s data loss prevention rules, watch the video below.

Wursta helps customers understand data loss prevention with a personalized approach. The initial remediation phase allows us to identify all files that are shared publicly and see where there are gaps or DLP violations. Recently, we identified over 200k files on a customer’s domain that were unknowingly available to the public. From there, we identified the sensitive data types and implemented plans and rules to prevent data leakage. Let’s connect to discuss how to start a multi-phased security overview of your company and prevent data leakage. 

Register today to watch more security and collaboration discussions

As far as data security and collaboration are concerned, DLP and endpoint management are two important components. But they aren’t all there is to know to keep your organization protected and connected. We have three more webinars coming up over the next few weeks:

Review all upcoming and past webinar recordings here and please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Emily Trofholz

Emily Trofholz

May 7, 2021

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