Google has two engaging Cloud Summit events for July – sign up today!

Emily Trofholz

Emily Trofholz

July 14, 2021

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Resources page, you’ll notice we always keep it up to date with the latest Google Cloud events. Last month, Google hosted an event for Digital Manufacturers and another that focused on Applied ML. Both still have content available to access.

Our take: Deep learning can cover a breadth of topics and is important to every industry. Understanding how to implement it responsibly is a good place to start – watch “Designing Inclusive ML Systems” in the second track of the Applied ML Cloud Summit.

What’s next for July’s Google Cloud Summit series?

July 20: Security Summit

With the last year of remote work and the future challenge of hybrid work, security is top of mind for every organization. Whether you keep everything in the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of the two, there are multiple sessions you’ll want to attend on the 20th.

Choose from one of three tracks: Sovereignty, Transparency, & Control; Prevent, Detect, Respond; or Shared Fate. Each track lists multiple talks hosted by Google Cloud experts, clients, and thought leaders.

What we’re looking forward to: “Implementing Security Best Practices on Google Cloud” with Andy Chang, Senior Product Manager, Google Cloud in the third track. It’s not too often that one of Google’s own product managers walks through best practices on building secure deployments, so be sure to take advantage of this session.

Click here to watch the Google Cloud Security Summit on-demand.

July 27: Retail & Consumer Goods Summit

As more brands adapt to omnichannel experiences, Google recaps what’s been working and how retailers can continue in a sustainable way. Industry titans like L’Oreal, IKEA, Crate & Barrel, and Albertsons share their insights alongside Google leadership.

The three tracks for Retail & Consumer Goods are Become Data Driven; Embrace the Digital Moment; and Transform Your Operations. For the first track, data can mean a variety of things: privacy, forecasting, modernization, or insights. Search is a theme driving the second track while culture, sustainability, and innovation all come into play with the third track.

What we’re looking forward to: “Conversational Commerce with Google” with Bart Jenniches, Director, Business Communications Partnerships, Google and Chris Rupp, EVP/Chief Digital Officer, Albertsons Companies, Inc. After hosting a Cloud Study Jam on conversational AI earlier this year, we’re excited to hear how brands are using this tool to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Click here to sign up for the Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit.

Can’t make it? Register anyway or contact Wursta

If you cannot attend the session on the 20th or 27th, sign up to view the content at a later date. Most sessions are recorded and will be available to watch. You can also contact us to discuss specific sessions or topics further.

Emily Trofholz

Emily Trofholz

July 14, 2021

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