What You Need to Know About Google’s New Advanced Protection Program (APP)

Natalie Willis

Natalie Willis

November 19, 2019

Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) – the strongest security for those who need it most.

Google recently launched the Advanced Protection Program (APP) for enterprise accounts in Beta. APP has been available for consumer Google accounts since 2017, as Google’s strongest protections for high-risk users. The program enforces a bundle of high-security policies on accounts enrolled in the program. Further, as new threats emerge and there is an opportunity to add more protections to the program, Google will do so to keep up the level of protection that high-risk users need.

Security policies included in APP

  • Mandatory use of Security keys for MFA; for maximum protection against credential phishing
  • Prevent unauthorized high-risk 3rd party apps from accessing Gmail and Drive data
  • Enhanced email scanning
  • Extra warnings from Chrome’s Safebrowsing (if signed into Chrome)

Who would benefit most from APP for the enterprise?

While this would likely vary from customer to customer, examples of users who may benefit from this program include IT administrators, business executives, employees in security-sensitive verticals such as finance and government, journalists, activists, business leaders, and political campaign teams. Basically anyone who could have sensitive information that would make them a risk for targeted attacks.

APP enrollment can be allowed on an OU-basis, and individual users have to enroll themselves. Google recommends administrators, executives, other users with elevated privileges to enroll in the APP. If you are in a high risk / regulated vertical you may even consider other employees.

Enrolling in Google’s APP Beta

The Beta program is a fantastic opportunity to try out Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) – first as a pilot for your IT admins, and eventually cover other user populations. The APP program itself is free and available in all G Suite editions. There will be a one time cost of procuring and distributing security keys.

To enroll, you’ll need to purchase two Security Keys and register them to your Google Account. Wursta is offering discounts on security keys and free consultations to discuss and plan your roll-out. Contact us to schedule a 30 min call to learn more.

Not sure if Google’s APP security is right for you? Here are some additional resources about APP:

We would love to answer any questions you might have on this. Connect with us to schedule a 30-minute APP presentation with our Account Management team.

Natalie Willis

Natalie Willis

November 19, 2019

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