Case Study: FullBloom

Rapidly enable distance learning with G Suite for Education to provide critical education and behavioral services to children and their families

For over 40 years, FullBloom has provided education and behavioral health solutions for young children and K-12 students and their families, leading to better life outcomes regardless of the learning obstacles and other challenges they face. FullBloom’s vision is to innovate, scale, and bring together a continuum of evidence-based, early-intervention academic, behavioral, social, and emotional services that positively impact outcomes for the more than 100,000 children it serves annually while driving down lifecycle education and healthcare costs. FullBloom operates over 50 special education day schools, five behavioral health centers and supports thousands of students in hundreds of schools nationwide.

The Challenge

Like most education service providers, FullBloom did not anticipate the sudden school closures forced by the COVID-19 outbreak. The students and families FullBloom support already face challenges, making it critical to rapidly enable remote learning tools so the company could continue providing its services to help ensure these learning gaps did not widen further.


The Solution: Nationwide support for children with special needs through Google Classroom

Prior to COVID-19, FullBloom’s engagement model focused heavily on in-person teacher-student interactions. When the COVID-19 outbreak required schools to suddenly close, company leadership needed to quickly develop new methods to continue educating students and providing support to their families. They chose Google Classroom because it has everything teachers and students need to work better, together, in a secure environment.

Google Classroom’s ease of use was a critical factor in FullBloom’s selection criteria. Its faculty, staff, and students were already familiar with the G Suite functionality, and the intuitive design of Google Classroom greatly reduced the need for in-depth training prior to launch. It can also be accessed anywhere and on any connected device, so FullBloom did not need to make major hardware or infrastructure investments.

The built-in accessibility features help support students with diverse needs and learning styles, allowing them to engage via alternative avenues like voice or a screen reader. The tools are also fully compatible with accessories like braille devices or displays, and students can even enable closed captioning when presenting in Slides.

It was also important for FullBloom to avoid the trouble other educators ran into when using less secure collaboration tools. They needed to be sure they could control access to meetings and documents to safeguard the students and families they serve. Google Classroom provided the enterprise-grade tools, security controls, and advanced analytics needed to protect users and their information.


The Results: Distance learning launched in three weeks

Leveraging deep collaboration design experience, Preston Ferguson, Sales Director of Wursta was able to help FullBloom develop and execute a plan to rapidly deploy and launch Google Classroom to support its students and over 500 district partners across the country. In under three weeks, FullBloom launched a distance learning solution that allows them to continue delivering on its mission to create brighter futures for all children, regardless of the learning barriers or other challenges they may face.

“We feel that distance learning will be part of the new normal moving forward,” said Wenck. “It’s imperative our educational and health services continue despite not being able to physically together. Google Classroom and G Suite for Education provide the tools we need to thrive in this new paradigm.”

Armed with Google Classroom and G Suite for Education, FullBloom now has additional tools to empower educators and students with special needs in a changing educational environment.

3 Weeks

Time it took to launch distance learning


District partners across the country enabled with Google Classroom

“This unexpected time away from a physical classroom is particularly difficult for families with children who have special needs and other learning differences. The ability to rapidly deploy Google Classroom allowed for a continuity of services that was so critical for the children, families, and districts we serve.”

Eric Wenck
CIO, Fullbloom

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