Case Study: ZoomInfo

Merging two industry Titans on to Google’s Collaboration Platform

Bringing together two of the leading organizations on corporate intelligence and lead generation posed a significant risk to organizational collaboration and culture. With both organizations rooted in their own platforms, combining forces was a challenge well met by Google’s G Suite collaboration platform.

The Challenge

ZoomInfo, a historically Office 365 powered organization, found themselves in a M&A situation with DiscoverOrg, powered by G Suite. As part of the merger process, both teams needed to determine the best platform for enabling collaboration across the new organization. With legacy data and tenants on both sides, they also needed to determine the best approach for combining the data and processes with minimal impact to their teams.

The Solution

Working alongside the Wursta team, ZoomInfo orchestrated a multi-track approach to the merger and migration. Using Beta tooling with the Google team, they successfully merged the existing DiscoverOrg tenant into ZoomInfo, retaining all of the data integrity. Subsequently, they programmatically turned down the Office 365 infrastructure, combining all users on to a single G Suite tenant for collaboration.

The Results

After combining both organizations technically and completing a change management process, the ZoomInfo teams are collaborating more effectively in Google Drive. By leveraging the beta Google tools, many of the business processes were kept in place, bolstered by the addition of the new team members.


Users migrated from O365


Users Transferred via Google Tooling


Total user enablement on platform

“While going through the M&A process, Wursta’s team helped us navigate the complex world of both enabling all our users with G Suite, as well as smoothing the successful transition of data from both organizations into one.”

Seth Low
CIO, ZoomInfo

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