Category: Application Modernization

Acknowledging the reality that “the cloud” is merely computers owned by someone else might make it seem simple, and not particularly innovative or important. But the truth is that offloading the substantial effort of managing compute infrastructure brings huge advantages to organizations. We’ll briefly touch on a few. Cost Savings + Pay-Per-Use With cloud computing, […]

Here is a running summary of the visible changes to Google Workspace in 2022. We will continue to update this list every month so check back often. Contact us with any questions about the new features or how to enable them for your users. November already launched Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) features: Concentrate or […]

As technology advisors and partners, Wursta keeps an eye on the latest trends and innovations in the tech world. Lately, we’ve been helping companies learn more about non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) and their potential impact on businesses. NFTs can be viable in the B2B space We’re all familiar with consumer spending on NFTs, whether you’ve […]

A few years ago, Google launched “new Google Sites” – a replacement for classic Google Sites that would, after maturing, replace its Classic partner…a bit like Mufasa holding Simba out for the world to see. New Sites is a modern, no-code platform that is auto-responsive. It’s easy enough to use that even the most non-technical […]

For years, organizations relied on physical, on-premise file servers, NAS devices, and other local storage options for storing their data. But companies (especially digital natives) are realizing there’s an easier, cheaper, and more productive solution. Also, businesses have learned how important it is to have flexibility embedded into workplace operations. With all of that in […]

For years, organizations relied on file servers, NAS devices, and other local storage options for storing important and frequently accessed data. This model served its purpose for many years. But with the ever-changing workplace landscape, having access to important company data while away from the office is more important than ever. Why you should migrate […]