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Overview of this series: Upload to the Chrome Web Store In order to deploy this extension to our domain, we first upload it to the Chrome Web Store. It is important to understand that by putting it into the store, we can still keep the extension private or unlisted. This is useful for company specific […]

Overview of this series: Home Stretch!  Installing the extension. In Part 1, we wrote all of the configuration and code for our Meet Controls extension. Now it’s time to install it into Chrome so that we can test it. Configure shortcuts You’ll note that in the manifest, we configured a suggested keyboard shortcut for each […]

At Wursta, we have a fully distributed team with a geo-diverse customer base. In the day-to-day, we rely heavily on digital meetings to engage with our customers and interact with our internal teams. As a beloved G Suite partner (and customer), we use Google Meet a lot. Proper meeting etiquette suggests that you keep your mic […]

With the conclusion of Google Next, I couldn’t help but leave with a distinct feeling that industry as a whole is on the precipice of another fundamental shift in how technology is viewed in business. In the last 20 years, technology has gone through a few phases at the enterprise leadership level. It began as […]

For the last few months, Google has been previewing, in EAP (their Early Adopter Program), a Google Drive tool called ‘Team Drives’. Team Drive brings a few long awaited elements of traditional enterprise file sharing to the Google Drive platform. A few week ago, Team Drive was launched officially at the Google Cloud Next conference. […]

Many organizations utilize shared mailboxes for various reasons. Google for Work provides two different applications which can be used to provide this functionality: Gmail and Google Groups. As a manager or administrator you will need to decide which is most appropriate, and often a combination of the two applications will be used in production to […]