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The introduction of Team Drive functionality several months ago represented a long-awaited feature boost to Google Drive. However, when organizing Google Drive content you are now faced with the choice of organizing Drive content in traditional “My Drive” folders, or in Team Drives. This inevitably leads to the question, “which one is better?” The answer […]

Overview of this series: Upload to the Chrome Web Store In order to deploy this extension to our domain, we first upload it to the Chrome Web Store. It is important to understand that by putting it into the store, we can still keep the extension private or unlisted. This is useful for company specific […]

Overview of this series: Home Stretch!  Installing the extension. In Part 1, we wrote all of the configuration and code for our Meet Controls extension. Now it’s time to install it into Chrome so that we can test it. Configure shortcuts You’ll note that in the manifest, we configured a suggested keyboard shortcut for each […]