Secure Remote Collaboration with Google Workspace


Ensuring your users, devices, and data are secure after transitioning to a remote workforce is no small task. Connecting from home networks and personal devices drastically increase the likelihood of credential theft, unauthorized access, data loss, and propagation of malware.

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Everything You Need for Secure, Remote Collaboration with Google Workspace

Domain Audit to Ensure Proper Security and Compliance

In the Wursta Domain Security Audit, we will review your general controls and document the essential security settings for the core Google Workspace services. Each configuration is associated with a recommended course of action to ensure you are following best practices. We will also prioritize the severity of the issues so that your team has an output to help prioritize configurations to address first.

The Domain Audit includes:

  • Review and Setup for Google Drive, Gmail, and Calendar
  • Set Precedent and enforce best practices
  • Enforce Basic MDM Policies
  • Set Endpoint Policy

Admin Guidance for Enabling DLP for Your Organization

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) supports this by giving you control over what users can share and prevents unintended exposure of sensitive information. You can use it to prevent or warn users from sharing sensitive content (such as confidential information and customer social security numbers) outside of the domain on a per-file basis.

Protect employee & client personal information, Set rules around DLP protection, Prevent important pieces of data from being shared externally, and more.

Go Remote DLP Enablement Services:

  • DLP Training
  • DLP Quickstart
  • DLP Full Implementation

Secure Your Users with Google Workspace Endpoint Management Enablement

Keep things simple—and moving. Endpoint management for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS, and Linux is easy to set up and use.

Go Remote Endpoint Management Services:

  • Google MDM (Mobile Device Management) Setup Guide
  • Google Endpoint Management Training
  • Google Endpoint Management Quickstart

    Google Vault Implementation & Data Retention Policy

    A Strong Data Retention Policy Will Not Only Create a Culture of Security, But Allow Your Organization to Operate with more efficiency, compliance and cost savings.

    Google Vault is data retention and eDiscovery for Google Workspace. It allows you to keep track of what matters. Retain, search, and export your organization’s data from select apps with Vault for Google Workspace Business Plus and Enterprise editions.

    Go Remote Data Retention Services:

    • Google Vault Training for Admins and Investigators
    • Retention Implementation
    • Retention Reporting (GCP)

    Establish On-boarding and Off-boarding Processes

    Organizations spend an inordinate amount of time on-boarding and off-boarding employees which can lead to incorrect access for users and a decline in productivity for IT teams.

    Go Remote On/Off-Boarding Services:

    • Training and Best Practice Consulting
    • Off-boarding Quickstart
    • On-Boarding/Off-Boarding Automation Implementation

      Simply Secure Your Log-In with Two-step Verification Enablement

      Many security breaches occur due to stolen employee login credentials. Employees often use weak passwords, like “password” or “123456,” that other users can easily guess. With the rise of cybercrime targeting small businesses, your organization should be using two-step verification as the first line of defense to prevent these potential hacks.

      Go Remote Two-Step Verification Services:

      • 2 Step Authentication Admin Training
      • 25V Quickstart
      • 25V + APP (Advanced Protection Program) Quickstart

      Enable Secure Single Sign-On with LastPass

      With an integrated single sign-on and password manager solution, LastPass provides a control for every access point.

      Go Remote LastPass Services:

      • LastPass Base Rollout
      • LastPass + Chrome Policy
      • LastPass Longterm Adoption

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