Collaboration Design w G Suite:

Optimizing Your Tech Stack to Maximize ROI

Collaboration Design for the Enterprise can align your business for future growth with G-suite optimization and customization driven by user research and planning then supported by implementation training.

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Natalie Sorrells

Natalie Sorrells, Partner and Vice President of Services

Natalie hails from an extensive Google ecosystem background, including the former Cloud Sherpas and Accenture. Her unparalleled experience in driving innovation in services for Google customers continues to help shape the way we bring value to our customers every day


Matt Wursta

Matt Wursta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A former Googler, Matt’s experience in the Google ecosystem has allowed Wursta to identify opportunities to help organizations large and small take advantage of the operational efficiencies Google’s Cloud can bring to the table. One client relationship at a time, he’s working towards helping businesses work smarter.