Transitioning from G Suite to Google Workspace in 2021


Google announced the launch of Google Workspace last year and has been guiding users through the transition from G Suite to Google Workspace, which is ending soon. As a Premier Google Partner, Wursta is at the forefront of this transition.

It’s critical for businesses still operating with G Suite licenses to switch to Google Workspace as soon as possible to capitalize on the discounts available in 2021. We’re here to support you through the nuances of this transition, specifically the complexities of being a G Suite Flex customer.

Join Google Workspace experts as we discuss what G Suite Flex customers can expect as they transition to Google Workspace. We’ll go over timelines, available options, and more.


  • Timeline to transition to Google Workspace
  • G Suite Flex vs other Google Workspace SKUs
  • Navigating the change with a partner
  • Resources available to ease the transition

Date: Wednesday, October 27
Time: 11:00AM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: Free



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Briana Brown
Partner and Sales Operations Manager


Chris Ayala
Relationship Manager


Steve Irwin
Relationship Manager