Deliver a Smarter Workspace: Discover Gemini for Google Workspace

Deliver a Smarter Workspace: Discover Gemini for Google Workspace

Are you ready to transform how your team uses Google Workspace? Gemini, a cutting-edge AI assistant, seamlessly integrates into your favorite Google tools, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows like never before. Join Wursta’s Gemini specialist, Brian Burchanowski, as he explores the latest updates from NEXT 2024 and how they translate to real-world benefits.

This webinar will show you how to:

  • Automate tedious tasks: Let Gemini draft emails, summarize documents, and schedule meetings on your behalf.
  • Uncover deeper insights: Gemini analyzes your data to provide valuable recommendations and summaries.
  • Boost collaboration: Share insights, get feedback, and co-create content with Gemini’s real-time assistance.
  • Save time and focus on what matters: Stop wasting time on repetitive work and let Gemini handle the heavy lifting.
  • Transform your business: Leverage Wursta’s change management package to support & guide the adoption of Gemini across your organization.

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Time: 2 PM ET
1 hours


Brian Burchanowski Image
Brian Burchanowski, Manager, Change Management

Brian's passion lies in helping organizations maximize their Google Workspace investment and achieve transformative results through the power of AI-powered automation and enhanced user experiences with Gemini.

Who should attend:

  • Google Workspace Admins who want to maximize end-user productivity
  • Teams looking to streamline collaboration and communication