About us

Developing cultures of continuous innovation powered by real-time collaboration


Our mission is to help organizations maximize their use of the Cloud.


We work side by side to help people make good technology decisions and grow their businesses in ways they wouldn’t have the ability to do otherwise. This helps organizations develop cultures of continuous innovation powered by real-time collaboration.

In this goal, our principles guide us:


Win-win is always the best option. Do the right thing.


Own your life and be accountable. Failure is often opportunity in disguise.


To the world, you are Wursta. Never forget that.


Work smart and be relentless. No one will outwork us.


Everyone has something to teach you. Stay humble and keep perspective.


You can always be better. Be proud, but never satisfied.


Moderation begets Mediocrity. If something’s worth doing, do it uncommonly well.


We’re a team; work together. A rising tide raises all the ships.

Meet our Management Team

Matt Wursta

Matt Wursta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A former Googler, Matt’s experience in the Google ecosystem has allowed Wursta to identify opportunities to help organizations large and small take advantage of the operational efficiencies Google’s Cloud can bring to the table. One client relationship at a time, he’s working towards helping businesses work smarter.

Vinay Thakker

Vinay Thakker

Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Vinay’s technical leadership has propelled both internal and external solutions towards the new paradigm of computing. By incorporating the latest and greatest technical abilities into our design leadership, Vinay is helping clients push the envelope of what’s technically possible.

Jessica King

Jessica King

Senior Director, Client Services

Jessica brings years of client services delivery experience to the team, helping to shape and mold the fabric of our managed services offering. While balancing the availability of information from Google, and the future needs of our clients, Jessica and her team are advising on the best long-term strategies for success for our clients.

David Moore

David Moore

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing for Wursta, David brings over a decade of experience building and executing go-to-market strategies for high-growth organizations. Our team is committed to showcasing the power of Google Cloud coupled with our Collaboration Design services to help companies maximize their use of the Cloud.

Preston Ferguson

Preston Ferguson

Director of Sales

Preston’s ability to help clients navigate through their journey of Cloud adoption is unparalleled. Whether working through technical requirements, or identifying opportunities to consolidate on the technology, Preston and his team are responsible for some of the best collaboration-driven technology solutions brought to market.

Work smarter in the cloud