Security & Cloud Risk Assessments

With comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, Wursta helps clients take the steps needed to stay ahead of persistent threats. We work to understand your business, goals, and risk tolerance to build the security posture that meets your needs. Security can serve as a competitive differentiator, demonstrating your commitment to protecting sensitive information and meeting your customers’ vendor management requirements.

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Securely Enable Remote Collaboration with Google Workspace

Google Workspace makes collaboration easy. While sharing can boost business productivity, it can also expose your proprietary information to a wide range of external users. Ensuring you’re not sharing more widely than necessary can be particularly challenging as your organization grows globally. Additionally, remote workers connecting from home networks and personal devices drastically increase the risk of credential theft, unauthorized access, and propagation of malware. Wursta examines all of these considerations and more to ensure your risk posture aligns with your unique needs.

Google Cloud Platform Cybersecurity Assessments

Organizations using cloud infrastructure retain responsibility for securing the data they put in the cloud in the well-known “shared responsibility model.” The impacts of your responsibilities are substantial, considering through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault according to Gartner. With Wursta’s cybersecurity assessments, you can reduce your risk of suffering a data breach and becoming a headline.

Continuing Support as Your Company Grows

As your organization grows, Wursta can help you resolve shifting compliance and security concerns. Partner with Wursta to monitor and maintain your ideal security posture and avoid settings drift.

Wursta Empowers Informed Decision-Making

Wursta is a Premier Google partner with the broad expertise to resolve just about any Google Workspace and Google Cloud issue. Our cybersecurity assessments inform our clients of any shortcomings and provide a roadmap to your ideal security posture. Assessments clarify the potential impact of risks and expose risks you may not have seen. We take the time to clearly lay out every option so you can make informed decisions.

Security Domain Audit + Security and Cloud Risk Assessment (S&CRA)

While Wursta is not a certified audit firm, we help clients prepare for official external audits, such as SOC II and CMMC. We offer both a Security Domain Audit and Security & Cloud Risk Assessment (S&CRA). S&CRA is based on the NIST CSF to ensure your Google infrastructure complies with regulations such as CMMC and HIPAA.

In both the Domain Audit and the S&CRA, Wursta evaluates your essential security settings and general controls, and how they measure against industry best practices. The S&CRA enhances the assessment by including user behavior interviews and identification of any relevant governance requirements to align your Google capabilities with your cybersecurity needs.

Domain Audit S&CRA
Security Framework Google Best Practices NIST 800 - 53 r5/800-117
Regulatory Alignment Health/Finance/Privacy/Education/Govt
Policy/Standards Review Included
Business Practices Included
General Security Console Settings All based upon licensing All based upon licensing
Privileged Access Limited to Super Admin All Privileged Access
Apps Settings Core Google Workspace Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Chat, Meet) All GWS Apps Licensed
2-Step/MFA Verified Enabled/Disabled All Settings Reviewed
Endpoint Management Enabled/Disabled All Settings Reviewed
Drive Audit and Sharing All Settings Reviewed
Data Loss Prevention All Settings Reviewed
Monitoring & Alerting All Settings Reviewed
Security Roadmap Limited Detailed
Risk Area Priority Risk Effort
Privileged Access Critical Critical Low
Auto Forwarding High High Low
POP Enabled Medium Medium Low
Email Gateway Medium Medium Low

Helping you Prioritize your Risk Areas

For any deviations from best practice, we recommended a detailed course of action to mitigate risk and comply with relevant regulations. We also prioritize the severity of issues to help your team determine what to address first, all while leveraging the numerous, powerful security tools offered by Google and other tools as needed. Many actions that increase security come with low or even no additional cost, such as enabling 2-Step Authentication.

Wursta's Additional Cybersecurity Services

  • Secure Your Users with Google Workspace Endpoint Management Enablement

    Google MDM (Mobile Device Management) and endpoint management for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS, and Linux is easy to set up and use.

  • Google Vault Implementation & Data Retention Policies

    Google Vault is data retention and eDiscovery for Google Workspace. A strong data retention policy will increase efficiency and compliance, while reducing costs.

  • Implementation and Admin Guidance for Enabling DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

    DLP prevents data loss by giving you control over what users can share to avoid unintended exposure of sensitive information. Scan Google Cloud databases and ensure data is encrypted as needed.

  • Identity Management and Onboarding / Offboarding

    Wursta enables secure user log-in with 2-Step Authentication, as well as providing onboarding/offboarding automation implementation, training, and more.

  • Enable Secure Single Sign-On with LastPass

    With an integrated single sign-on and password manager solution, LastPass provides a control for every access point.

  • Ensure Proper Security and Compliance

    Wursta also provides services such as end user phishing training, empowering users so they’re confident in making decisions and able to perform their jobs securely.