Structured Pathway to Successful Google Cloud Migration

Wursta helps clients reimagine what their architecture could look like and build the bridge to reach it. As a cloud consultancy, we make connections between your business initiatives and cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud Infrastructure Optimization Maximizes Your Investment

Wursta’s Google Cloud optimization starts with understanding your business initiatives and assessing your current configuration to identify areas for improvement and cost reduction. Our expert consultants develop the pathway to an optimized configuration to help you get the most from your investment in Google Cloud.

Find opportunities to reduce your costs by altering configurations that unnecessarily increase usage and expenses. Drive business efficiency by assigning the right resources to balance workload performance, compliance, and cost.

Increase Scalability & Resiliency

With fluctuating demands, your apps need to scale up and down while also being resilient enough to continue functioning if system components fail. Wursta Google Cloud infrastructure optimization service takes care of the careful planning and design required for scalability and resiliency. We help you tackle the challenges of distributed apps with multiple layers of infrastructure, networks, and services.

Improve Security Posture and Compliance with Google Cloud Optimization

Wursta’s Google Cloud optimization service includes a security audit to identify risks and determine mitigations needed. Ensure you’re taking full advantage of available Google functionality to:

  • Mitigate constantly evolving security threats
  • Avoid a data breach
  • Maintain compliance with regulations like ISO-27001

Firewall rules tend to multiply over time, particularly when you’ve deployed large shared VPCs with many projects and applications. Wursta can help you clean up firewall rule sets and balance numerous, often conflicting needs. Wursta also offers numerous, additional cybersecurity services, including:

  • Google Workspace endpoint management to secure users
  • Implementation & admin guidance for enabling Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Google Vault implementation & data retention
  • Identity management & onboarding / offboarding
  • Secure single sign-on with LastPass

Centralized Control and Visibility

Google offers a variety of security tools you can leverage to gain increased visibility into your environments, detect threats, speed response and remediation, mitigate data exfiltration risks, and more. As Google Cloud Platform experts, Wursta is equipped to conceptualize how you can best use these technologies to centralize control and visibility. Our team also helps you get familiar with your tools and know how to use them optimally.

Comprehensive Discovery Process Uncovers Business Challenges & Risks

Wursta works to understand your infrastructure needs to ensure we deliver the technical solutions that achieve your goals. The discovery phase begins with a well-structured deep dive that enables us to:

  • Understand your current infrastructure
  • Learn about any other relevant technologies
  • Scope out contracted deliverables
  • Build an accurate plan to avoid delays

This allows Wursta to create and implement an optimization roadmap and track key metrics to analyze your success. We strive to ensure our customers are using all the dollars spent as best they can.

Optimizing Your Entire Technological Ecosystem

Migrating to Google Cloud is one thing, but how do you manage identities and endpoints? What does it look like to train your team? Wursta consults with our clients to consider your entire ecosystem and build forward-thinking IT plans. Don’t ditch key systems. We can support your connections to other tools such as, Slack, and HubSpot to enable collaboration and efficiency. We can also help clients consolidate redundant systems, including cloud document storage systems like Box or Dropbox, as well as developing custom apps and scripts.

According to a Gartner study, about 75% of enterprise customers using cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will adopt a deliberate multi-cloud strategy, up from 49% in 2017.

Multi-Cloud Support

Wursta is a Premier Google Partner with the broad expertise to meet your needs, including leveraging technologies outside the Google ecosystem. We support whatever best-of-breed tools benefit our customers. Google is our prime partner – not our only partner. Understanding the importance of leveraging the right mix of providers, Wursta supports your unique needs for governance, availability, performance, data sovereignty, regulatory compliance, and more.