Custom Software design & Development

Streamlining the Back-Office can be a custom job 

Wouldn’t it be great to have an application that fits your business’s exact workflow or need? Google Workspace has a complex set of APIs and integration points to help businesses customize their experience. 


Let our team of experts help analyze your processes and make specific recommendations to help your business become more efficient; from fully custom builds to leveraging Wursta’s pre-built applications. Our team has the experience to help create these business-critical applications leveraging the scalability, security and collaborative experience of Google Cloud Platform.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a platform designed for building scalable web applications and mobile backends. It includes built-in services designed to scale your application automatically, allow for easy authentication, and store data in familiar NoSQL datastores. Google even manages your app’s availability, so there are no servers to deploy or maintain.

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is Google’s infrastructure virtualization platform. GCE delivers virtual machines across Google’s global infrastructure, enabling scaling from a single instance to global, load-balanced computing. These virtual machines boot quickly, are available with multiple OS configurations, and can even be optimized for your specific needs.

Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database that automatically handles sharding and replication of your data. This provides highly available and durable databases that can scale automatically with your application’s load. Additionally, it’s well-integrated across the rest of Google’s Cloud Platform, being accessible from both Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine, as well as other parts of the platform.


Signature Core

Why start from scratch when building an internal productivity app? Leverage our highly customizable, pre-built modules to reduce design and development effort. Then, let us handle all of the security and updates so you can focus on running your business, not your custom internal applications.

Custom Application Development

For some B2C and Back-Office applications, building from scratch might make the most sense. Let our team guide you through the design strategy, UX, and back-end development to create the secure, scalable application that will propel your organization forward. Anchored on Google’s Cloud, your application can take advantage of everything that Google has to offer, including mobility, machine learning, and global reach.

Let us help you get the most from your investment in Google Cloud Platform

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