The Heart Behind Wursta's Services

For Wursta, it's not just transactional. We're always looking at what's best for the customer. Wursta is invested in helping our customers be successful in the cloud to compete in a modern world.

Dedicated Account Manager for Google Workspace Clients at No Cost

Unlike purchasing directly from Google or most other partners, Wursta provides all customers with a dedicated Account Manager for free. Billing Google Workspace licensing with Wursta includes:

  • A dedicated, primary point of contact who learns your business and can help guide you in the right direction
  • Free Wursta Standard Support, which includes 24/7 admin support for Priority 1 issues.
  • Quarterly Google Roadmap reviews with your dedicated Account Manager to keep you up to date on upcoming Google offerings
  • Access to our proprietary Client Portal to manage licenses, invoices, and projects in real-time

Premium Support

For businesses that require high availability, Wursta offers Premium Support.

  • Support for existing Google Workspace domain
  • Increased SLA for outages
  • Monthly ticket review/case review
  • Support for escalation to Google
  • Assigned Technical Account Manager to monitor the case and follow to resolution
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Google Workspace Support
Google Workspace
Break-Fix Support Unlimited Unlimited
Apps Supported Core Google Workspace Apps Core Apps, GAM, Third Party Tooling Escalation
Response Time: P1 SLO 1 hr; 24x7 SLA .5 hr; 24x7
Response Time: P2 SLO 4 hrs; 12x5 SLA 1 hr; 24x7
Response Time: P3 SLO 8 hrs; 12x5 SLA 4 hrs; 24x7
Response Time: P4 SLO 12 hrs; 12x5 SLA 8 hrs; 24x7
Phone Support For P1 issue For any issue
Support Service Tier 2 Direct to Tier 2
Escalation Assistance Account Management Additional Escalation Channel
Case Reviews N/A Monthly Case Reviews
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