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Michaels deployed G Suite in 2014, but most employees were only leveraging Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts tools. Michaels realized they were just scratching the surface of G Suite’s capabilities to improve collaboration and productivity.


Bringing together ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg, two of the leading organizations on corporate intelligence and lead generation, posed a significant risk to organizational collaboration and culture. With both organizations rooted in their own platforms, combining forces was a challenge well met by Google’s G Suite collaboration platform.

Holy Name Medical Center

The Holy Name Medical Center wanted to improve patient care by empowering their employees with state of the art collaboration technologies. With help from Wursta, Holy Name moved from Lotus Notes, its antiquated legacy system, to G Suite to provide a fast, secure, and reliable platform for collaboration and communication.

Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize clients’ digital media efforts. But, in reviewing their internal technology, they realized their processes relied heavily on outdated tools causing their teams to be inefficient and reducing their ability to serve clients. By moving to G Suite, their team now has the tools to work faster, smarter, and be more collaborative.


Frannet was on a mission to improve collaboration, reduce SaaS costs, and improve control by consolidating to a single platform for communications and information sharing. With help from Wursta, they converged on G Suite, which reduced cost and complexity, improved security, and enhanced communications internally and externally.

When the COVID-19 outbreak required schools to suddenly close, FullBloom company leadership needed to quickly develop new methods to continue educating students and providing support to their families. They chose Google Classroom because it has everything teachers and students need to work better, together, in a secure environment.

General Catalyst is a leading venture capital firm investing in powerful, positive change that endures. Wursta guided General Catalyst to focus more on custom development and innovation, resulting in custom apps for their team.

Boston Partners’ goal was to be more self-sufficient with their management of the cloud. Wursta helped them achieve that with a Google to Google for Nonprofits migration, enabling them to communicate with teachers, recruit volunteers, coordinate with staff, and support students in the Boston Public Schools.



The Technology Coalition works with individuals who are employees of different tech companies, who all use different email domains and systems. Consolidating their collaboration system was needed to continue serving their global community as productively as possible.

While going through the M&A process, Wursta’s team helped us navigate the complex world of both enabling all our users with Google Workspace, as well as smoothing the successful transition of data from both organizations into one.

Seth Low CIO, ZoomInfo

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