Application Development & Modernization

Wursta helps clients reimagine what their architecture could look like and build the bridge to reach it. We apply our expertise to your challenges to modernize applications and create custom applications that fit your business' exact needs.

Helping you See your New Future

Wursta partners with you to understand your business objectives and design the custom software features that will deliver the functionality and ROI you need. Partnering with Wursta, clients achieve their desired return, whether it's saving time, increasing efficiency, or improving the user experience.

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Broad Technical Expertise to Meet your Needs

Wursta is a Premier Google Partner, but Google is not our only partner. We support whatever best-of-breed tools benefit our customers, including leveraging technologies such as AWS and Azure. Wursta supports your unique needs for governance, availability, performance, data sovereignty, regulatory compliance, and more. Wursta has the skillset and breadth of vision to know what technology to select for each area and how to balance application development with your business goals. Our team can even help you determine if building from scratch is the best pathway to achieve your business objectives.

Custom Application Development for Google Workspace and Google Cloud

Wursta helps you get the most from your investment in the cloud by developing solutions that may integrate with existing Google Workspace functionality or other third-party systems. Let our team guide you through the design strategy, UX, and back-end development to create a secure, scalable application. Anchored on Google Cloud, your application can take advantage of everything that Google has to offer including mobility, machine learning, and global reach.

Application Modernization with Google Cloud Platform

Modernizing your application set is a key driver to building business ingenuity and maximizing your use of the cloud. Wursta accelerates application modernization so your business can begin utilizing the benefits of cloud native services. We optimize delivery through an iterative model that integrates agile methodology, sprint planning, DevOps collaboration, and structured CI/CD release management.

Comprehensive Discovery Process Uncovers Business Challenges & Risks

Our expert consultants work to fully understand your business process, how your employees interact with technology, and the corresponding workflows down to individual departments. To ensure we deliver the technical solutions that achieve your goals, Wursta begins the discovery phase with an intense deep dive. This well-structured process enables us to:

  • Scope out contracted deliverables
  • Learn about any other relevant technologies
  • Build an accurate plan to avoid delays
  • Ensure costs don't spin out of control
  • Create a technology roadmap with minimal disruptions to operations

Your current technology ecosystem and business goals aren’t simple things to put on paper. Sure, we’ll need specific info, such as how many users you have. But we don’t simply send you forms to complete and then fill in the gaps with a bunch of assumptions. We document your needs throughout discovery calls to capture the ideas from your heads. This process enables Wursta to see business problems or risks that our customers may not see.

Semi-Custom Development Speeds Time to Value While Reducing Cost

Custom apps don’t have to start entirely from scratch. Wursta has a library of highly customizable, pre-built components, such as UI modules, that we can leverage to reduce development effort and cost, while speeding time to value.

Empowering Informed Decision-Making From Project Onset

Our unique approach to value engineering includes presenting clients with a range of options for achieving objectives at various fixed price points. With detailed frameworks and clear explanations, Wursta helps clients understand what components impact the price and timeline so they can make fully informed decisions.

Adaptive and Agile in Managing Custom Application Development

Wursta works with you and your team to make smart decisions about when to apply agile methodology in the midst of a project. Additionally, we take a pragmatic approach to our customers’ involvement in ongoing development. We keep the customer tied into the process and hold meetings as they’re valuable, rather than adhering to a rigid schedule and taking up too much of your time.

Long-Term Planning for Your Success

We strive to ensure our customers are using all the dollars spent as best they can, while taking into account both long and short term goals. Strategic planning helps build the bridge to optimize your environment, both for the services Wursta provides and even the ones we don’t.  As part of ongoing support, Wursta can handle all of the security and updates so you can focus on running your business, not your custom internal applications.