AI Solutions

AI Solutions Workshop

Wursta's AI Workshop offers a focused approach to applying AI in your business. Our aim is to align this technology with your company's specific needs and objectives. In our two-hour workshop, our team works directly with you to uncover opportunities for AI integration within your business utilizing Google’s latest AI offerings. Our goal is to facilitate innovation and growth in your business through practical AI integration.

Areas of Focus

  • Understand Google AI Solutions, Capabilities, and Use Cases
  • Learn & Discover the Ideal AI Solution Based on Organizational Needs
  • Build a Customized AI Playbook

Gemini Business Transformation Packages

Gemini for Google Workspace can help your team accelerate workflows, collaborate more effectively, and create additional value for your organization. We understand that embracing AI is not just a technological shift but a comprehensive organizational transformation. We are now offering three Gemini change management packages.

Areas of Focus

  • The Framework for Sustainable Success
  • The Guided Trial Package
  • The Evaluation Package
  • The Ongoing Adoption Package

AI Custom Development

Through practical AI integrations that align with your unique goals, your organization can unleash the competitive edge that AI provides. Wursta specializes in developing bespoke AI solutions.

Areas of Focus

  • Search & Conversation
  • Predictive
  • Content Generation
  • Vision