Google Workspace Migration and Onboarding

Wursta makes Google Workspace work for your organization. Unlike purchasing directly from Google or most other partners, Wursta provides all customers with a Dedicated Account Manager for free. Billing with Wursta also includes:

Areas of Focus

  • Quarterly Google Workspace Roadmap reviews
  • Free Wursta standard support, which includes 24X7 admin support
  • Access to our proprietary Customer Portal

Google Workspace Optimization and Support

Wursta helps you get the most from your investment in Google Workspace by assessing your current configuration to identify areas for improvement.

Areas of Focus

  • Build seamless & repeatable processes
  • Increase adoption
  • Reduce application redundancies

Organizational Change Management

Successful technology transformations require just as much, if not more, effort on the people side. Wursta leads your technology transition with a structured and dedicated focus on change management.

Areas of Focus

  • Overcome challenges as users transition to new solutions
  • Compress learning curve to increase time to value
  • Ensure you're adopting Google Workspace in the right ways to achieve your goals

Salesforce & SaaS Integration

Google Workspace has a comprehensive set of APIs and integration points to help businesses customize their experience. Wursta helps clients integrate tools such as Slack and

Areas of Focus

  • Give your team's existing tools a modern collaboration boost
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • … without compromise or disruption

Virtual Admin Accelerate for Google Workspace

Simplify Google Workspace administration, cut costs, and get back to what matters. Wursta's Virtual Admin Accelerate (VAA) is your solution for streamlined, affordable Workspace management.

Areas of Focus

  • Predictable Pricing
  • Measurable Value
  • Essential Support
  • Secure Workspace