Google Workspace Optimization & Support

Organizations that have migrated to Google Workspace may want to take additional steps to make full use of all available functionality. Wursta's Google Workspace optimization starts with understanding your business initiatives and assessing your current configuration to identify areas for improvement.

75% of employees rate teamwork and collaboration as, “very important” according to Queens university Charlotte. 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures (

Collaboration and Integration of Tools and Teams

Organizations must set employees up for success with tools that enable teams to be productive, collaborative, and secure. Collaboration technology is particularly important with the new work from anywhere business model. Organizations often think about what tools might solve a problem, but not how those tools will work together. Lack of cross-platform integration causes information silos, leaving employees to struggle with ineffective communication and insufficient access to the people and information they need. On the flip side, simply increasing access to info can result in excessive sharing, raising security risks. Wursta helps deliver a structured, people-first approach to increase proficiency and inspire new ways of working.

Google Workspace Optimization Builds Seamless & Repeatable Processes

While Google products are simple and easy to use, organizations can still encounter challenges. We consult with our clients to consider your entire ecosystem and build forward-thinking IT plans. Wursta can also support your connections to other tools such as and Slack, and develop custom apps and scripts to integrate with Google Workspace functionality.

Wursta helps customers tackle questions like:

How do I manage identities throughout the user lifecycle?
What do change management and admin training look like?
Why am I getting phishing emails?
How do I maintain security while collaborating with 3rd parties?

Increase Adoption and Reduce Application Redundancies

Google Workspace optimization ensures your organization is making full use of all the functionality you’re paying for. Wursta’s services include documenting your infrastructure to uncover duplicate tools. By training teams on availability Google Workspace functionality, many clients are able to eliminate redundant apps, reducing costs. Wursta has helped clients take advantage of Google Workspace spam-filtering capabilities to eliminate redundant tools such as Proofpoint and Mimecast. Our team has also successfully completed migrations from Box and Drobox to Google Drive.

  • Mitigate constantly evolving security threats
  • Avoid a data breach
  • Maintain compliance with regulations like ISO-27001
  • Identify shadow IT to eliminate security risks & expenses

Improve Security Posture and Compliance with Google Workspace Optimization

Wursta’s Google Workspace optimization service includes a security audit to identify risks and determine mitigations needed. Ensure you’re taking full advantage of available Google functionality.

Comprehensive Discovery Process -> Metric-Driven Change Management

Google Workspace optimization begins with a discovery phase to understand your unique business processes, how your employees interact with technology, and the corresponding workflows. This allows Wursta to create and implement a technology roadmap and track business value and adoption metrics to analyze your success. We strive to ensure our customers are using all the dollars spent as best they can, while taking into account both long- and short-term goals.

Evaluate the setup & configuration of core services: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Chat
Provisioning of admin and user accounts
Issue tracking and resolution
Provide ongoing education
Maximize ROI

Wursta's Google Workspace optimization provides your staff the guidance they need to fully adopt Google functionality and adapt to changes. We can also help your IT team transform end-user support by leveraging Google Workspace's self-service capabilities. Additionally, we offer Google Workspace Virtual Helpdesk & Admin service to expand your IT team's bandwidth.

Wursta also offers additional cybersecurity services, including:

  • Google Workspace endpoint management to secure your users
  • Implementation & admin guidance for enabling Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Google Vault implementation & data retention
  • Identity management & onboarding / offboarding
  • Secure single sign-on with LastPass
  • Learn more

Dedicated Account Manager for Google Workspace Migration Clients at No Cost

Unlike purchasing directly from Google or most other partners, Wursta provides all customers with a dedicated Account Manager for free. Billing Google Workspace licensing and/or Google Cloud with Wursta includes:

  • A dedicated, primary point of contact who learns your business and can help guide you in the right direction
  • Free Wursta Standard Support, which includes 24/7 admin support, with premium support also available
  • Quarterly Google Workspace Roadmap reviews to keep you up to date on upcoming Google offerings
  • Access to our proprietary Client Portal to manage licenses, invoices, and projects in real-time

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