Virtual CISO Provides Cybersecurity Leadership

A Wursta virtual CISO helps you take the steps needed to stay ahead of persistent threats. We work to understand your business, goals, and risk tolerance to build the security posture that meets your needs. Security can serve as a competitive differentiator, demonstrating your commitment to protecting sensitive information and meeting your customers' vendor management requirements.

Comprehensive Information Security Leadership

A Wursta vCISO provides the knowledge and resources of a full time CISO without the full time costs. We can help, whether you lack internal cybersecurity expertise, or your in-house team simply needs a fresh perspective and some guidance. vCISO serves as a leader handling all cybersecurity strategy and direction, including creation of policies and processes and cybersecurity budget alignment.

Partner to Your Management Team

Your vCISO will present a clear picture of your current security posture as well as planned mitigations. As the head of your cybersecurity strategy, the vCISO will address security-related questions and concerns from leadership, including your C-suite and board of directors. A Wursta vCISO is a highly skilled technical expert who is also able to clearly communicate with non-technical members of your team.

How a Virtual CISO Works with your Team

Understand the Risks your Organization Faces

Wursta helps organizations assess risk across their entire technology stack. We’ll work to understand the data you have, business processes, and associated risks to build a comprehensive picture of your risk landscape.

Too often, organizations don’t understand all the various risks they face, as well as the potential negative outcomes that can result. Often these are overall business risks, not strictly confined to the scope of information technology.

Your vCISO will review:

What information you collect and manage, such as customer lists
Regulations and privacy requirements you're subject to
Acceptable use policies for employees
Vendor management, such as data processed by third-party vendors
How you store and share intellectual property
Google provides an excellent array of tools to secure your infrastructure, many of which are included with no additional fee. Solutions such as 2-Step Authentication are simple and highly effective strategies to manage security without slowing you down.

Strategic Plan to Manage Risk and Leverage Available Tools

Next, we’ll present a gap analysis and cybersecurity plan consisting of tactical steps to mitigate risks, along with a high-level risk management roadmap with a one-to-three-year outlook. Your vCISO will recommended improvements to processes, policies, technology, staffing, and training, as well as plans for business continuity and disaster recovery. Many of the proposed risk reductions will leverage your existing technology. We also ensure that dollars spent are allocated effectively, so risk mitigation outcomes are commensurate with cost.

For example, by sending imitation phishing emails, we can assess users' susceptibility to these attacks and recommend additional training as needed.

Train Employees & Build Guardrails to Reduce Risks

The largest security risk is people, even those who are well-intentioned. Wursta creates guardrails by setting standards for employees and conducting training. By training all of your employees, Wursta helps everyone understand where their responsibilities lie. When provided with guidance and guardrails, employees are empowered to fulfill their duties securely and less likely to stumble into threats.

Prepare for Audits

While Wursta is not a certified audit firm, we have extensive knowledge of regulatory standards and can prepare you for official external audits. Based on NIST CSF (National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework), we help clients create and deploy the processes needed to pass audits. Even organizations not subject to regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS still face legal obligations to secure data. Proper security posture reduces the risk of legal action, such as FTC enforcement for unfair trade practices. Organizations can also face substantial fines for data breaches, to say nothing of the disruption to business and reputational damage.

Ongoing Support to Drive Organizational Maturity

A Wursta vCISO will support your organization for a set number of hours every month to gauge status, address emerging needs, and continue driving organizational maturity around cybersecurity. We help our clients move towards best practices and resolve shifting compliance and security concerns as they grow.

Wursta Also Offers Optional
Additional Services:

  • Vulnerability testing
  • Roundtable business continuity walkthrough
  • Annual testing of incident response program
  • Penetration testing