Cyber Security

Security and Risk Assessment

With comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, Wursta helps clients take the steps needed to stay ahead of persistent threats. Our cybersecurity assessments inform our clients of any shortcomings and provide a roadmap to your ideal security posture. Assessments clarify the potential impact of risks and expose risks you may not have seen.

Areas of Focus

  • Securely Enable Remote Collaboration with Google Workspace
  • Google Cloud Platform Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Helping you Prioritize your Risk Areas

Cryptocurrency Security & Compliance Program

Wursta’s Cryptocurrency Security & Compliance Program (CSCP) provides direction for managing and protecting your cryptocurrency assets. We develop the framework you need to safely handle crypto assets and reduce risk. CSCP helps you achieve peace of mind that your assets are logically housed and protected.

Areas of Focus

  • The Framework to Safely Handle Crypto Assets & Reduce Risk
  • Structured Pathway to Secure Crypto Management
  • Define & Implement Proper Crypto Management Procedures
  • Educate Your Team, Delivering Confidence to Operate Securely
  • Safely Leverage Web3 Technology to Grow Your Business
  • Improve Security Posture & Enhance Your Reputation with CSCP