We Make Google Workspace Work for your Organization

Wursta helps drive business growth through technology to help you succeed in the modern world.

Delivering Value with Google Workspace Implementation Services

For Wursta, it’s not just transactional. We’re always looking at what’s best for the customer. We’re invested in understanding your business objectives and helping you be successful in the cloud. As consultants, we help make connections between your business initiatives and Google Workspace. Partnering with Wursta, clients achieve their desired return, whether it’s saving time, increasing efficiency, or improving the user experience.

Dedicated Account Manager for Google Workspace Migration Clients at No Cost

Unlike purchasing directly from Google or most other partners, Wursta provides all customers with a dedicated Account Manager for free. Billing Google Workspace licensing and/or Google Cloud with Wursta includes:

  • A dedicated, primary point of contact who learns your business and can help guide you in the right direction
  • Free Wursta Standard Support, which includes 24/7 admin support for Priority 1 issues, with premium support also available
  • Quarterly Google Workspace Roadmap reviews to keep you up to date on upcoming Google offerings
  • Access to our proprietary Client Portal to manage licenses, invoices, and projects in real-time

Leading Your Technology Transition Through the Customer Lifecycle

Successful technology transformations require just as much, if not more, effort on the people side. It’s important to have a dedicated focus on change management. Wursta also supports your rollout of new technology to help alleviate stress and get your team on the fast track to power users.

In addition to free Wursta Standard Support, Wursta offers Premium Support, which includes enhanced 24/7 admin support with direct to level 2 workflow, prioritized response goals, and operational optimization.

Keeping You Up to Date on Upcoming Google Offerings

We educate our clients on the latest Google roadmaps, which aren’t accessible to the public. As part of our ongoing communications, we provide quarterly updates to overcome the knowledge gap, so you can stay informed and be prepared to leverage the latest Google offerings. Your Dedicated Account Manager will inform you of upcoming enhancements and also clarify the potential impacts to your business so you can plan ahead.

Wursta's Google Workspace Implementation Services

  • Google Workspace Setup

    We manage everything, from setting the proper default permissions for collaboration to ensuring your team’s mobile devices are secure.

  • Email, File, and Data Migration

    Moving your data to a new system can be more complicated than it looks. Wursta gets you there.

  • Business Transformation Through Collaboration Design

    Once you’ve moved to Google for work, your team will constantly find new ways to be more efficient. We help with custom development and ongoing training for new features.

  • Google Adoption Training & Change Management

    Our trainers ensure your team gets the most out of your new tools with minimal disruption. Read more about how we help you overcome challenges as users transition.

  • Google Security Services

    Optimize security posture with services such as IAM. We can also help implement Google Vault to ensure retention of emails and documents.

  • Google Drive Collaboration (Storage Platform Consolidation)

    Google Drive brings secure, real-time collaboration to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Your users can store their documents in the cloud, work on them in real-time, and access them from any device.

Google Workspace Migration Services to Optimize Your Entire Technological Ecosystem

Migrating to Gmail is one thing, but how do you manage identities and endpoints? What does it look like to train your team? Wursta consults with our clients to consider your entire ecosystem and build forward-thinking IT plans.

Don't ditch key systems. We can support your connections to other tools, such as Salesforce.com and Slack, to enable collaboration and efficiency. Additional services are available both as add-ons to new migrations as well as standalone professional services for existing Workspace customers:

Wursta also supports unique migrations, including leveraging Google Drive without migrating entirely to Google Workspace and Gmail. Using Google Drive to store documents brings improved collaboration along with advanced security features.

Tackling Common Google Cloud Migration Pain Points

Our experience has enabled us to identify “watch points,” common difficulties in migrations, which we’ve developed methodologies to handle. Specifically, our methodology for unsupported migration types is unique among Google Partners and includes custom scripting to set sharing permissions as close as possible. Not all SaaS apps have the same classification system for types of users and admins. We are experts at all things Google Cloud and can map the ideal alignment with your user base.