Organizational Change Management

Successful technology transformations require just as much, if not more, effort on the people side. It’s important to have a structured and dedicated focus on change management to ensure a successful transition.

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Leading Your Technology Transition

Wursta has broad expertise in Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. Our delivery team has completed over 1,000 successful deployments. We've seen almost every challenge that our clients might face, and we can come up with customized solutions to overcome any obstacle.

Maximize Your ROI and Fast-track Power Users

While new technology usually improves productivity and makes business processes more efficient, users face a learning curve and it can take time to adjust to new tools. Productivity downtime can be costly. Wursta’s organizational change management services increase time to value by avoiding the otherwise substantial dip in efficiency and productivity. Maximize ROI by taking your users through what could have been a frustrating stumble and turn them into power users instead.

Wursta also offers training for IT administrators to properly manage your environment and ensure they have the knowledge to pass Google's Collaboration Engineering Certification.

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  • A Wursta Change Management Specialist will own your transition and support your stakeholders
  • Help users understand what's going to happen and how it will look and feel
  • Make sure end users not only know where to click and what to do, but feel comfortable
  • Compress learning curves and optimize your technology adoption process
We have change management down to a science - because it is one!

Alleviate Stress and Compress Your Team's Learning Curve

Technology changes have a big potential to lead to negative outcomes, including unsuccessful adoption of new tools, lower job satisfaction, and increased employee turnover. Wursta’s change management team has extensive expertise, including advanced degrees in industrial-organizational psychology, knowledge of change methodology, employee engagement, data analytics, and all things Google Cloud.

Minimize Disruption with a Helpful Hand and a Smile

There is heart behind Wursta's services. Our structured and fun approach to communications emphasizes employee engagement and well-being. We strive to generate excitement rather than fatigue, with fun options like t-shirts and giveaways.

Onsite Support

  • We can join your employees onsite during your transition + after
  • Observe challenges staff may face offer personal ownership of issues that arise

Structured Training Options

  • Compressed training sessions of “top hits” to accommodate busy executives
  • More comprehensive workshops with your teams

Tailored Approach

  • Onsite “walkaround support” meets users where they are
  • Observe challenges staff may face offer

Measuring Organizational Change Management

Maximizing ROI requires measuring your organization’s progress toward targeted change outcomes. Wursta’s change management services use analytics to assess progress, to uncover and mitigate organizational risks, and make sure our plan is on the right track. Clients can select a comprehensive change management package that provides a quick start to end user adoption of Google Workspace.

Packages can include:

Communications, so your employees know what to expect
User guides on any Google Workspace tool, process, or integration
Training covering any Google Workspace applications of your choice

You can Rely on Wursta's Expertise in Organizational Change Management

A dedicated, structured approach to change management is important. While Google products are intuitive and used widely by personal users, there are significant differences for users shifting from personal use to enterprise use.

Wursta supports your roll out of new technology.

  • Traverse learning curves and overcome challenges
  • Cope with any resistance on your team
  • Ensure your organization’s adoption plans align with best practice

To support your unique migration, Wursta works to understand your business.

  • Collaborate to develop the best approach
  • Learn differences between how staff currently works & changes with Google Workspace And how we can close the gap to get them there
  • Provide solutions tailored to individual employees, groups, roles, & departments