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Good for you; you have made the switch. Now it’s time to get more from Google. Let us show you how.

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Reduce management overhead with our expert support and guidance on cloud infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business.

Collaboration Design

Collaboration design

Align your business for future growth with G-suite optimization and customization driven by user research and planning then supported by implementation training.

Security and Compliance

Security & compliance

Avoid a data breach, protect sensitive workloads and maintain compliance with complex regulations while fully realizing the collaborative benefits of GCP.

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Haven’t made the move to Google yet? Don’t worry, let our team get you there fast.

Full Service Transition

Full service transition

Transition to G-suite quickly and easily with our collaborative design approach to discovery & project planning, data migration and user training that drives ROI and user adoption..

Multiple Cloud Strategies


Leverage the right mix of cloud providers to meet your organisation’s needs for governance, availability, performance, data sovereignty, regulatory requirements, labor costs and more.

Best In Class Software Integrations


Don’t ditch key systems, let Wursta help you fully integrate them into your g-suite to expand its functionality and empower your sales, marketing, HR, development and operations teams.

Ready to get started?

Haven’t made the move to Google yet? Don’t worry, let our team get you there fast.

Build better tools to fit your unique business 10x faster with Wursta’s Platform


Wursta design and development services are built on a proprietary platform that improves development speed with SignatureCore – all the basics you need for authentication, permissioning, document storage, etcetera.

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