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Gemini for Workspace Change & Transformation Services

Gemini for Google Workspace can help your team accelerate workflows, collaborate more effectively, and create additional value for your organization. We understand that embracing AI is not just a technological shift but a comprehensive organizational transformation. Explore, Evaluate, and Embed the Gemini for Workspace solution with our 3E Framework for success.

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The 3 Step Framework for Sustainable Success

Our three step, 3E Framework is designed to guide you through every step of the process, from initial assessment of Gemini to full-scale implementation, empowering your team to adapt and thrive in the era of intelligent automation. Discover the future of productivity with Gemini for Google Workspace.

Step 1: Explore Gemini for Google Workspace with a Discovery Lab

Unlock the transformative potential of Gemini

The Gemini Discovery Lab is your hands-on introduction to harnessing the power of AI within Google Workspace. This first step in our 3E Framework is focused on exploring Gemini. Our immersive half-day lab, available virtually or onsite, includes expert guidance, interactive exercises, and a sandbox environment for risk-free exploration. Discover Gemini’s capabilities, learn how to integrate them into your workflows and experience the potential productivity gains firsthand.

Benefits of participating:

Immersive Testing
Interactive Learning
Risk-free Exploration
Google Workspace AI Roadmap

Step 2: Evaluate Gemini in Production

The second step of our 3E Framework is a guided trial of Gemini in production. Wursta offers two trial service programs depending on the needs of your organization.

Express Pilot

Your 30-day trial includes expert guidance, tailored training, user feedback tools, and communication templates to support rapid, data-driven adoption. This program is designed to optimize user experience, accelerate time-to-value, and establish a long-term implementation strategy for maximizing Gemini’s value within your organization.

Guided Evaluation

Our program includes hands-on implementation support, test group recruitment, end-user training, communications strategy, user feedback gathering, regular check-ins, a dedicated support channel, and a comprehensive success report.

This data-driven approach ensures a rapid return on investment, a user-centered implementation, and a positive experience for your team.

Step 3: Embed Gemini Successfully with our Deployment Service

Beyond the trial, launch Gemini in a structured and people-focused way. Includes change management services to reduce time to value by expanding knowledge of Gemini across all relevant departments, IT admins and the help desk team.

Service includes:

Discovery & Planning
Communications & Training
Deployment & Support

Leading Your Technology Transition

Wursta has broad expertise in Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. Contact us to get started with Gemini for Google Workspace.

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