Driving Business Growth Through Technology

Wursta helps clients reimagine what their architecture could look like and build the pathway to reach it. As a cloud consultancy, we help make connections between your business initiatives and cloud infrastructure. A Wursta Virtual CIO can lead your organization's cloud computing strategy, including cloud transformation, infrastructure modernization, and cloud management and monitoring. We provide the resources and knowledge needed to maximize the return of your investment in the cloud.

Structured Pathway to Google Cloud Success

Wursta helps you make smart decisions moving to the cloud, including providing comprehensive organizational change management services. Wursta collaborates with you to understand your business objectives and design the configuration that will deliver the functionality and ROI you need. Partnering with Wursta, clients achieve their desired return, whether it’s to be more innovative, increase efficiency, or mitigate security risks.

Expert Google Cloud Platform Design and Migration

Wursta can tie your objectives to Google and determine which of the numerous Google Cloud Platform product offerings will best fit. Our team’s extensive cloud infrastructure knowledge includes:

  • Custom development
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Cloud Platform Design and Migration

We can design new architecture as well as translate your on-prem infrastructure to the cloud, including leveraging solutions outside the Google ecosystem.

Wursta Virtual CIO and Cloud Architects Support Your Team

Wursta supports rapidly growing businesses and organizations in need of extra support. A Wursta Virtual CIO can support you by building a security-first company strategy, while Virtual Cloud Architects can execute important cloud design tasks, and supplement your IT team to expand bandwidth. We offer a range of SLA’s, so you can have professionals available as many hours as you need, including up to 24-hour support. Wursta can also improve your security posture with services such as Virtual CISO support, and expand your team’s bandwidth through Virtual Helpdesk & Admin services.

Comprehensive Discovery Process Drives Customized Solutions

Wursta leverages technology from Google and others to come up with custom solutions for every challenge. We provide solutions customized not only for your business, but also tailored to your individual employee groups. Wursta begins with a well-structured discovery process to determine your current technology ecosystem, as well as business challenges and risks. Your Wursta Virtual CIO can convert your technical requirements into the architecture and design to achieve goals such as:

  • High availability to prevent downtime during cloud outages
  • Regulatory compliance, such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and CMMC
  • Data retention
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
According to a Gartner study, about 75% of enterprise customers using cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will adopt a deliberate multi-cloud strategy, up from 49% in 2017.

Multi-Cloud Support

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions help optimize resources and minimize risks. Wursta can select the right mix of providers to meet your organization’s needs for governance, availability, performance, data sovereignty, compliance, and more.

Long-term Planning and Continuing Support as Your Company Grows

As your organization grows, hiring new staff or undergoing a merger or acquisition, Wursta can provide support to onboard and train new staff. We help our clients resolve shifting compliance and security concerns over time. Continue to innovate and make use of the newest, cool things in the cloud that you don’t have in your data center.