Google Workspace Super Admin Training

Having certified Google Workspace Admin(s) on your team is a great way to ensure you get the most from your Google investment.

Google Workspace Admin Training

Wursta offers three options to train your Google Workspace admins to properly manage your environment and equip them with the knowledge to pass the Professional Google Workspace Administrator Certification Exam.

Standard Delivered by a Google Workspace Admin Trainer Premium Delivered by a Google Workspace Admin Trainer Custom Delivered by a Sr. Google Workspace Deployment Engineer
Google Workspace Essentials
Google Workspace Business Starter Standard and Plus
Google Workspace Enterprise Standard and Plus
Google Vault
Google Groups
Personalized admin training based on client environment and domain
Real-time domain consulting
Google Workspace Admin console checklist
Google Workspace Admin console panel design document to document best practices and decisions
Additional advising on IT security controls
Additional sessions to help consult, advise, and configure admin settings that could include (but not limited to): Vault/Retention, 2-Step Authentication, Security sandbox, Groups, Mail and/or Drive DLP