Google Cloud Platform Design & Migration

Wursta makes connections between your business initiatives and cloud infrastructure. We help you make smart decisions moving to the cloud, developing a structured pathway to successful migration.

Areas of Focus

  • Consolidate & simplify all Google billing in one place
  • Tier 2 Google Cloud Platform Support
  • Dedicated SME POC to advocate for your business and align Google's roadmap

Google Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Wursta's Google Cloud optimization starts with understanding your business initiatives and assessing your configuration to identify areas for improvement.

Areas of Focus

  • Find opportunities to reduce costs
  • Drive business efficiency by balancing resources
  • Improve security posture and compliance

Cloud Strategy and Consultancy

Wursta provides the resources needed to maximize the return of your cloud investments. A Virtual CIO can lead your cloud computing strategy, while Virtual Cloud Architects supplement your IT team by executing important tasks.

Areas of Focus

  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Configuration to deliver the functionality and ROI you need
  • Cloud management and monitoring with a range of SLAs

Cloud Cost Comparison

Sign up to receive a free, side-by-side cost comparison between Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or on-prem, with a custom cost analysis to identify optimization opportunities and assess hybrid cloud readiness.

Areas of Focus

  • Understand infrastructure costs
  • Estimate dynamic application & cluster costs in various environments
  • Identify data center optimization opportunities