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Wursta's Discovery Concierge Suite personalizes interactions and optimizes the entire search & discovery process. The Suite provides real-time insights and analytics from customer behaviors, leading to data-driven business decisions. Choose one or both of the Search Optimization or Virtual Interactive (SO-VI) Concierge solutions.

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Retailers Are Losing Over $2 Trillion Annually

In the age of instant gratification, personalized & seamless experiences, shoppers demand more than just products; they demand value. Meeting these expectations requires a retail revolution, and AI is the key to unlocking this transformation.

Introducing SO-VI: Wursta's Search Optimization Concierge and Virtual Interactive Concierge

Search Optimization Concierge

Wursta’s Search Optimization Concierge improves search results on your site and serves better product recommendations, driving increased revenue. By learning user preferences and incorporating custom user behavior, Search Optimization Concierge provides more accurate results, better sorting, and faster responses for an improved shopping experience.

Leverage Google’s vast search experience for natural language processing, search by image, and product recommendations.
Customize your optimization objectives including click-through rate (CTR), revenue per session (RPS), and conversion rate (CVR).
Deliver personalized product discovery and highly relevant recommendations that perfectly match each customer’s unique needs and preferences.
  • 1:1 Personalization
    Incorporate user behavior to provide personalized shopping experiences at scale. Drive increased sales by delivering more relevant, brand-specific search results, including custom suggestions.
  • AI-Driven Insights
    Enhance customer experiences and drive conversions by leveraging your existing Google Analytics data to train AI models. Utilize Google’s insights into user intent and context to craft personalized, effective shopping experiences that minimize cart abandonment and maximize sales.
  • Granular Customization
    Gain valuable insights and drive impactful business results through streamlined A/B testing capabilities. Prioritize and promote specific products to effectively manage inventory levels and support product launch strategies.
Large Online Retailer Increases Revenue 8% with AI Search that Shows Shoppers What They Want
Case Study

Large Online Retailer Increases Revenue 8% with AI Search that Shows Shoppers What They Want

As a trusted premium lifestyle brand and a go-to online source for discovery and inspiration, our client offers over 100,000 apparel and footwear styles, as well as beauty, accessories, and home products.

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Virtual Interactive Concierge

Wursta’s Virtual Interactive Concierge is designed to help you meet your customers’ evolving expectations while simultaneously driving conversion and sales, increasing customer loyalty, and improving operational efficiency.

Embed AI-powered virtual agents across web and mobile apps
Provide personalized, nuanced conversations with intent and contextual awareness
Allow customers to easily find products and offers that meet their needs
Route customers to the appropriate channels and recommendations for purchase
  • Personalized Shopping
    AI-powered virtual agents deliver interactive, real-time assistance, providing personalized product recommendations and engaging with customers directly.
  • Intuitive Search
    Enhance your customer experience with natural language search technology to understand intent and deliver accurate and relevant results, significantly reducing search abandonment.
  • Customer Insights
    Real-time insights and analytics from customer behaviors enable data-driven business decisions necessary to successfully improve customer satisfaction and top line growth.

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Personalizes interactions and optimizes the entire search & discovery process with Wursta's Discovery Concierge Suite.

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