NP Accel automates hiring and IT processes with Google

NP Accel is a global digital marketing agency that provides end-to-end online marketing and SEO for small businesses.

It seems simple, but utilizing Google Sheets helped us keep track of all the details we needed and was easy to share with an outside party that didn’t have access to all of our internal systems. It’s something that helped us save a lot of time.

Sean Lee Director of Operations, NP Accel

The Challenge

NP Accel grew 106% last year; this growth required their IT team to provide more internal support and resources. As a solution, they outsourced IT support to aid their operations team, but were running into collaboration challenges as they weren’t part of the NP Accel domain. Tasks like taking inventory of new hire devices or having a central repository for onboarding information were a struggle.

The Solution

With the connectivity and security of Google Workspace, their team created a Sheet to track onboarding tasks and shared it with the external IT support team to work asynchronously on new hire needs. Then by using Apps Script, they were able to automate processes to streamline work even further.

The Results

The result of the shared Sheet allowed for an external party to securely access important information without sacrificing access to unnecessary company data. The use of Apps Script sped up the process, saving valuable time and brainpower.

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