Consensus 2023: Celebrating Art & Innovation

Deanna Dial Wursta
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Consensus 2023, held April 26-28 in Austin, is the world’s largest, longest running and most influential gathering of all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community. According to event  organizer CoinDesk, the event “brings this disparate, freewheeling, innovative community together to confront its differences, grapple with its challenges, and find agreement on how to best seize the opportunities this technology presents.” The event began in 2015 and in 2023 featured three days of content across 10+ stages covering every corner of crypto, blockchain, Web3, the metaverse and beyond.

Wursta is dedicated to supporting our clients with Web3 as an important emerging technology and we sent our team to Consensus to grow and stay current.

Optimism Prevails at Consensus 2023

The overall sentiment was very positive. There’s clearly a lot of investment happening, even in this bear market. Companies are doubling down in building technologies. The community is still strong and now is the time to continue innovating.

The Wursta team spent time on the conference floor talking to different service providers and learning about what others are building. One major theme was bridging Web 2.0 and Web3. Many solutions are geared towards mass adoption of Web3 and Blockchain. Specifically, we learned about solutions for making payments easier and onboarding people to Web3 without the need to hold or use cryptocurrency. Other technologies are aiming to solve challenges with authentication and identity.

Events at Consensus 2023

Celebrating Women Artists with ATX Women in Web3

Wursta co-hosted a networking happy hour with ATX Women in Web3, a community dedicated to connecting people to network and share resources. The event was held as a kickoff the night before Consensus began. Taking place at the WRST NFT Gallery, the evening featured art, cocktails, and networking, along with displays of NFT artwork by local women creatives via Blackdove technology. 

Art from 12 artists was displayed including the Be a Good Human Education Foundation where NFT sale proceeds go to art mentorship and education scholarships. The event was sponsored by Meridian Hive, makers of delicious alcoholic drinks from honey, and canned water company Liquid Death.

Gathering to Celebrate Launches

Wursta hosted another gathering to celebrate two key accomplishments, the new Web3 Deep Dive podcast with Rachel Wolfson and the launch of Telavators, which features original and functional 3D art and NFTs by the talented Jade Tantillo in collaboration with Los Angeles Moto by Mark Gamo. The art was launched at an exclusive display held at the Native Hostel.

The event was sponsored by Mina Protocol, the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants; Ava Labs, redefining the way people create value with Web3; and Liquid Death with a giveaway of their NFT, “Murder Heads.” Event registration included NFT tickets by Moongate, who is building the underlying technology to drive the mass adoption of smart tickets and memberships.

WRST Collabs built an NFT giveaway for each event using Holaplex, providers of enterprise-grade NFT commerce solutions. The solution makes it easy to stand up a new collection and doesn’t require users to have their own crypto wallet. Anyone with a Google email address can mint an NFT to a multi-custody wallet using Google authentication- all in mere seconds.

New Podcast: Web3 Deep Dive, Presented by Wursta

We also recorded six episodes of the new Web3 Deep Dive podcast with Rachel Wolfson in the WRST podcast studio. The podcast aims to help listeners understand real world use cases and the future potential of the technology. The host, journalist and public speaker Rachel Wolfson, goes in depth with industry experts on all the latest Web3 trends. New episodes drop weekly, every Wednesday.

You can watch and listen to the premiere episode with guests from CoinDesk: Casey Craig, Global Head of Communications, and Sam Ewen, SVP, Head of CoinDesk Studios. Subscribe to get notified about upcoming episodes featuring:

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