Gemini Discovery Lab June Cohort

Gemini Discovery Lab
June Cohort

Unleash the Power of Gemini for Your Team

Get qualified for our exclusive Gemini Discovery Lab to fast-track your success.

Explore the latest advancements in AI, experience Gemini’s powerful features firsthand in a risk-free trial, and gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your organization’s AI strategy. Limited spots are available for qualified attendees. Reserve your seat in our virtual Discovery Lab today!

Find out what’s in it for you below.👇


Key Program Benefits:

Laser-Focused Efficiency

Stop wasting time and resources. Pinpoint the exact use cases for Gemini that will make the biggest impact on your team.

Measure What Matters

Quantify the real-world impact of Gemini on productivity with guided analysis and support.

Empower Champions

Equip your team members to become Gemini advocates within your organization, driving adoption and long-term success.

Trial Setup

Get hands-on with Gemini in a free trial environment.

Immersive Testing

Explore Gemini’s features and functionalities through interactive sessions and real-world scenarios.

Interactive Learning

Understand the fundamentals of AI and how Gemini seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace.

Workspace AI Roadmap

Gather valuable employee feedback and identify the teams that will benefit most from Gemini.

Two-Part, Virtual Sessions

Session 1: June 25th, 2-4pm ET
Session 2: June 27th, 2-4pm ET

$1,500 Program Fee

Google funding options may be available to reduce or eliminate the cost. Eligibility required.


Sign up by June 18th to reserve your spot!