Author: Megan Bozman

Having successfully completed over 1,000 deployments has given Wursta extensive knowledge of migration watchpoints to look out for when migrating to Google Workspace. (Hey, we said they were successfully completed, that doesn’t mean there weren’t occasional bumps in the road.) We’ve compiled the top 4 pitfalls and our best tips for avoiding them. 1. Lack […]

What is a Migration? Simply put, migration is moving your data and operating infrastructure from one system to another. This could include migrating from disparate spreadsheets to a BI SaaS app such as Looker, moving from on-prem servers to cloud storage, or migrating to Google Workspace from Microsoft 365. At Wursta, we specialize in moving […]

As part of their efforts to build the future of work, Google has provided multiple innovations to support the need for real time collaboration and social connection. In 2021, Google introduced Spaces, a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace. Starting in 2023, Google plans to wind down Google Currents, previously […]

In part 1, we defined business continuity and disaster recovery, explained how they’re different, and explored ways to get started building DR plans. In part 2, we’re diving into tech configurations for disaster recovery. What are the different options for backup and disaster recovery solutions? The following are a few of the different ways DR […]

Hope for the best; plan for the worst. Of course, we recommend you take steps to avoid disasters, such as using Google Workspace’s advanced security settings to mitigate threats from phishing and malware. It still remains vital to also plan to recover from a disaster. In this 2-part blog series, we’ll cover the key components […]