Author: Megan Bozman

In a recent blog, we tackled what it means to not have a Business Continuity (BC) plan. By using Google Workspace as a part of your BC plan, you can not only avoid those pains, but also realize other gains, such as saving money. A Business Continuity Plan Has Your Back & Your Bottom Line […]

IT teams are often overwhelmed just keeping the lights on. It’s therefore understandable how many teams don’t invest time in planning for what happens when all the lights go off. As we covered in a recent two-part blog series, Business continuity (BC) is the entire process of ensuring that personnel and assets are protected, and […]

The Google Cloud Next conference was held October 11-13 in cities around the world. We’ve summarized a few of the most pivotal announcements. Expanding Cybersecurity Market Share The most exciting announcement was that Google is taking more cybersecurity market share by leveraging its recent cybersecurity acquisitions. Specifically, Google revealed plans for their Mandiant and Siemplify […]