Author: Pete Hoff

Fortunately, many phishing attacks are easy to spot. A strangely formatted email requesting that you reset your Amazon password, sent to an email address you have no Amazon account associated with is obviously fraudulent. Unfortunately, hackers continue to innovate, and many attacks aren’t so easily spotted. For example, just a few months ago, I received […]

As written in a recent Wursta blog, cybersecurity risks are currently higher than they’ve ever been, and lower than they ever will be. Every dollar spent on a service like vCISO is one less dollar you have to spend on something else, such as an upgraded firewall. Why then would a vCISO make sense?  It […]

This segment is the third in a series focused on adjusting the security controls of your business after COVID. This piece addresses staying vigilant and aware of current threats in a post-COVID world. Many organizations have begun shifting their workforce back into the office and reducing the remote worker risks. However, this appears to be […]