Debt Schedule App provides CMG Leasing with a scalable solution

Wursta designed and maintained a custom app, the Debt Schedule App, for CMG Leasing and involved their team in the process from start to finish, delivering a time-saving and scalable solution. 

Overall, Wursta develops well built applications that keep the support burden low. They choose technologies that are stable, secure, and scalable. They can work directly with the teams associated with the apps they built to maintain and upgrade them accordingly.

Jason Taylor CIO, CMG Leasing

Partner Role

Wursta was hired to design, architect, and develop a custom application for aggregating and visualizing spending data in political campaigns. We also migrated data from a legacy system and connected data feeds from two third-party data providers.

The Challenge

CMG Leasing manages a lot of debt. The system they used to maintain those mortgages and lines of credit wasn’t scalable or integrated with their current tech stack. Because of this, they used inefficient, manual processes. Specifically, the finance team was operating in spreadsheets, which was time consuming and error-prone. 

The Results

CMG Leasing’s financial decision making process has gone through a complete digital transformation and is now much more streamlined. They can quickly see data on loans, locations, owners, and properties, allowing for visibility that wasn’t possible previously. 

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