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A recent software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike triggered a massive wave of IT outages worldwide, affecting numerous industries and services. The faulty update, intended for Windows devices, inadvertently caused system crashes and errors, leading to significant disruptions in air travel, healthcare, public transportation, and other sectors. Symptoms include hosts experiencing a bugcheck\ blue screen […]

In today’s online retail landscape, customer expectations are evolving rapidly. Consumers appreciate personalized experiences, instant gratification, and effortless navigation – all while seeking true value. Shoppers don’t stick around on an e-commerce site for long if it offers lackluster search capabilities that don’t quickly meet their needs.  Nosto, powered by customer, product, and content intelligence, […]

Wursta is excited to continue the expansion of our team in the United Kingdom! We are committed to better serving our UK and Ireland customers with a dedicated team of experts on the ground. This expansion will allow us to provide more localised support and services, tailored to the specific needs of businesses in the […]

As of June 1st, 2024, Google has implemented new requirements for bulk senders using their Gmail service. If you send 5,000 or more messages per day to Gmail accounts, your email domain must have a DMARC policy in your DNS records. This policy must be set to a minimum of “none” (p=none). What is DMARC? […]

Google Workspace provides top-notch digital collaboration and productivity tools. With the first half of 2024 already done and dusted, Google has continued to demonstrate their commitment to empowering teams with enhanced features and functionalities. In case you missed it, check out our Q1 roundup here. Here at Wursta, we thrive on spreading the knowledge and […]

Last week’s Google I/O was a watershed moment. We witnessed the unveiling of game-changing AI tools, not just exciting concepts, but powerful advancements with the potential to completely reshape the way we work. Imagine the impact of real-time document editing, but amplified by AI: that’s the future Google is building, and we at Wursta are […]