Demystifying the Journey to Zero Trust Security

Demystifying the Journey to Zero Trust Security


Even enterprises like Uber & Fast Company have recently become victims of major cyber attacks. Small & mid-sized businesses face these same threats but with fewer resources. Hackers are getting smarter and this webinar will give you the knowledge to be prepared!

Join us as our VP of Cybersecurity and Risk, Pete Hoff, walks through the importance of security preparedness. Within the webinar, we will break down the journey to achieving a zero-trust security approach within your organization. This means starting at the foundation level to ensure your environment is secured.

After this session, you will be knowledgeable about the steps needed to implement a zero-trust security protocol within your business. You will be on your way to being in the safest position to avoid cybersecurity breaches.

All registrants will receive 20% off all cyber security offers at Wursta. Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

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Time: 11:00AM PST; 2:00PM EST
1 hour


Pete Hoff

VP, Cybersecurity & Risk, Wursta