Meet SO-VI, Wursta’s AI-Powered Discovery Concierge Suite

Natalie Willis
  • 7 min read

In today’s online retail landscape, customer expectations are evolving rapidly. Consumers appreciate personalized experiences, instant gratification, and effortless navigation – all while seeking true value.

Shoppers don’t stick around on an e-commerce site for long if it offers lackluster search capabilities that don’t quickly meet their needs. 

Nosto, powered by customer, product, and content intelligence, is a Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) offering brands a suite of automation and AI-driven tools, designed to analyze data and drive online revenue growth. Recent research from Nosto revealed that 69% of consumers go straight to the search bar when they visit an online retailer. Unfortunately, 80% admit leaving because the on-site search experience didn’t meet their expectations.

Search functionality that doesn’t enable shoppers to find relevant products can dramaticlly impact revenue. Retailers surveyed across North America and the UK attribute around 39% of all traffic bouncing (shoppers leaving immediately) to poorly performing search. Nosto describes their research as, “paint[ing] a picture of merchants losing potential sales and frustrating shoppers with search experiences that fail to meet consumers’ expectations.”

Bottom Line: Without great search, retailers are leaving money on the table.

Lack of Relevant, Personalized Results

Nosto’s research also found a fascinating discrepancy between the views of brands and consumers. 99% of retail brands’ senior ecommerce professionals believe their search results are relevant. And yet, 69% of consumers complain that they often see irrelevant results

Apparently the retail pros are wrong, and the situation is even worse than what consumers perceive. In Nosto’s real-world site testing, 81% of ecommerce websites displayed irrelevant items when shoppers search even two-word queries.

Honestly, this research would be a bit bleak and discouraging if it weren’t for the fact that we have solutions available now – solutions that solve the problem and can be implemented fairly quickly.

Delivering a truly exceptional customer experience is achievable. Retailers can embrace innovation and exceed customer expectations with Wursta’s new line of AI solutions. We’re embarking on a retail revolution, and Wursta is leading the charge with its innovative AI-powered Discovery Concierge Suite.

Introducing Wursta’s Discovery Concierge Suite: Meet SO-VI

Wursta’s Discovery Concierge Suite empowers retailers to deliver a superior customer experience, driving engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction. Our suite leverages the power of AI to personalize interactions and optimize the entire discovery process. 

Our AI-powered solutions personalize interactions and optimize the entire search & discovery process. They also provide real-time insights and analytics from customer behaviors, leading to data-driven business decisions. By taking advantage of one or both of our SO-VI solutions, your e-commerce transformation begins, attracting shoppers with sophisticated and complex search queries. 

Unlocking a Seamless Shopping Journey with Two Powerful Solutions:

1. Search Optimization Concierge

Optimize your site’s search functionality and elevate your product recommendations with Wursta’s Search Optimization Concierge to ditch the inefficient search processes, poor product discoverability and abandoned carts. Our Search Optimization Concierge delivers:

  • 1:1 Personalization – Incorporate user behavior to provide personalized shopping experiences at scale. Drive increased sales by delivering more relevant, brand-specific search results, including custom suggestions
  • AI-Driven Insights – Enhance customer experiences and drive conversions by leveraging your existing Google Analytics data to train AI models. Utilize Google’s insights into user intent and context to craft personalized, effective shopping experiences that minimize cart abandonment and maximize sales
  • Granular Customization – Gain valuable insights and drive impactful business results through streamlined A/B testing capabilities. Prioritize and promote specific products to effectively manage inventory levels and support product launch strategies

Real-World AI Application: Catch up on how Wursta’s Search Optimization Concierge replaced the existing search engine with an AI-powered solution that reduced abandoned shopping carts resulting in a 8% growth in revenue.

2. Virtual Interactive Concierge

Imagine a virtual shopping assistant that understands customer intent, provides personalized product recommendations, and guides them through the purchase journey. This is the power of Wursta’s Virtual Interactive Concierge. By embedding virtual agents across web and mobile apps, AI delivers personalized, nuanced conversations with intent and contextual awareness. Our Virtual Interactive Concierge solution combats search abandonment, while delivering:

  • Personalized Shopping – AI-powered virtual agents deliver interactive, real-time assistance, providing personalized product recommendations and engaging with customers directly
  • Intuitive Search – Enhance your customer experience with natural language search technology to understand intent and deliver accurate and relevant results, significantly reducing search abandonment
  • Customer Insights – Real-time insights and analytics from customer behaviors enable data-driven business decisions necessary to successfully improve customer satisfaction and top line growth

Transform your retail experience and elevate customer interactions with AI. 

Wursta’s Discovery Concierge Suite leverages Google’s AI technologies to create a more rewarding shopping experience. Ready to drive sales, boost customer satisfaction, and optimize operations? Our AI-powered solutions are customizable to meet your specific goals. Connect with us today to learn more and discover how we can build a smarter, more profitable future together!

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