Unleash the Power of Custom AI with Our Team of Experts

Natalie Willis
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Unleash the Power of Custom AI with Our Team of Experts

In today’s competitive landscape, standardized AI solutions rarely suffice. Organizations demand tailored solutions that align with their unique challenges and unlock opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences, leverage data-driven insights, and accelerate innovation. We are proud to introduce our exceptional team of AI specialists, your key to unleashing the transformative power of custom intelligence. Meet our team below:

Alex Wasner, Lead Solutions Architect for Cloud + AI


Alex Wasner, our Lead Solutions Architect for Cloud & AI, brings over a decade and a half of professional software development knowledge working with companies like Apple, Nike and Under Armour. Products he helped develop have been used by millions of people across the globe in virtually every job sector.

After building websites and mobile apps for over a decade at various companies, Alex started his own client services company where his team primarily focused on software development in the blockchain and, more recently, AI space. In late 2023, he and his team were acquired by Wursta to help lead our initiatives in AI and further our software development skills.


Alex specializes in leading high-performing teams to innovate and develop cutting-edge software, specializing in the integration of advanced technologies like blockchain and AI. His leadership in software development is distinguished by a focus on creating impactful, user-centric applications across various industries.

Favorite Project

TwoThirtySix had the opportunity to release many awesome projects early into the NFT boom of 2020 and 2021. Some projects of note include the Superplastic GUCCI collaboration as well as their official Bored Ape Yacht Club toy collaboration, HeroMaker Studio’s KUMITE, and SneakerNews.com’s Bricks and SNKR Frens collection.

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Matt Howitt, Sr. Solutions Architect for Cloud + AI


Howitt’s journey in tech started at Apple, with a foundational experience in learning. Following that, he assumed various roles in client services, leading up to his time as the CTO at TwoThirtySix. Now as Sr. Solutions Architect at Wursta, Howitt’s will work with clients to develop practical AI solutions.

Outside of work, Howitt enjoys exploring hiking spots around Austin with his wife and dogs, rock climbing, and sampling the great Austin culinary scene. 


Howitt specializes in bridging the gap between technical expertise and business strategy, developing custom-tailored solutions that ensure clients leverage tech for measurable impact.

Favorite Project

Early at TwoThirtySix, with a small team of friends, Howitt ventured into creating the first NFT marketplace on Shopify. It was challenging and exciting, navigating uncharted territory without the convenience of current APIs. The teamwork and camaraderie during those long hours made the effort truly worthwhile.

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DJ Karasek, Sr. Solutions Architect for Cloud + AI

Karasek’s coding journey began with pixelated adventures in Visual Basic and quirky chatbot experiments, way back when dial-up was the cutting edge. This early fascination evolved into leading engineering teams at TwoThirtySix and spearheading AI initiatives at Wursta.

Specializing in mobile and web development, Karasek’s journey encompasses diverse roles, from working on a lean startup’s warehouse management software at Literati to shaping the digital experience of a global beauty powerhouse Shiseido. From native mobile foundations to hybrid frameworks and blockchain solutions, his diverse programming language skills make him a versatile architect in the mobile landscape.


Karasek loves solving problems which usually leads him to being the one to tackle the things others don’t want to pick up. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Favorite Project

Karasek’s favorite project never made it to the light of day. It was a massive platform that was intended to replace systems like PowerSchool and connect students, parents, and teachers. It was a suite of apps for tablets and phones. They got to do some innovation around what was possible on the device at the time. They spent a year in development before it went away, as things often do in client services.

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Anna Sanders, Project Manager for Cloud + AI

Sanders’ background is in the world of business operations. As Operations Director at TwoThirtySix, Sanders dabbled in every part of the business from PM to Finance to HR.

This diverse experience has given Sanders a solid foundation in Project Management, teamwork, collaboration, budgeting, and time management, which are crucial to the projects she’ll be managing with Wursta.


Sander’s journey to project manager began with customer success and her passion lies in building products for creative clients. Sander loves to get into the nitty-gritty of what problems customers are facing and how the team can provide solutions.

Favorite Project

Is saying “all of them” cheating? Sander has gotten to work on some amazing projects stemming from the healthcare industry to cosmetics and fashion. Her favorite project has to be a collaboration with SneakerNews in the Web3 space. Sander’s is absolutely obsessed with Air Force 1s and it was a tribute to the shoes. Her favorite thing about the Web3 space was the intention to bring together communities and that’s what this project was all about. They got to work with some involved and creative clients and her passion really got to show in the finished result.

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Michael Glenn, Solutions Architect for Cloud + AI

Glenn has been a self-defined nerd for his whole life although he didn’t learn to program until college. During his time at TwoThirtySix, Glenn helped build websites and native apps for various clients, both in and outside of the web3 world. Glenn enjoys learning the latest and greatest technologies.

Outside of work, Glenn enjoys video games, reading, being outdoors, traveling, and martial arts.


Glenn specializes in front-end development, particularly in styling. He is only really satisfied with getting a project as pixel-perfect as possible to the design mockup. 

Favorite Project

Glenn shares his favorite project was building the SneakerNews Collectors’ Club website. While he claims it wasn’t his best work, it was the first time Glenn owned all aspects of a project and saw it through from start to finish. He credits the lessons he gained through that process to his current success. 

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No matter if your organization is already leveraging AI solutions or if you’re just starting your AI journey, Wursta’s team of AI Architects is available to develop your custom AI Playbook. Learn more about our AI Solutions Workshop or connect with us