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In today’s online retail landscape, customer expectations are evolving rapidly. Consumers appreciate personalized experiences, instant gratification, and effortless navigation – all while seeking true value. Shoppers don’t stick around on an e-commerce site for long if it offers lackluster search capabilities that don’t quickly meet their needs.  Nosto, powered by customer, product, and content intelligence, […]

Wursta is excited to continue the expansion of our team in the United Kingdom! We are committed to better serving our UK and Ireland customers with a dedicated team of experts on the ground. This expansion will allow us to provide more localised support and services, tailored to the specific needs of businesses in the […]

Last week’s Google I/O was a watershed moment. We witnessed the unveiling of game-changing AI tools, not just exciting concepts, but powerful advancements with the potential to completely reshape the way we work. Imagine the impact of real-time document editing, but amplified by AI: that’s the future Google is building, and we at Wursta are […]

Wursta's 3E Framework

While new technology usually improves productivity and efficiency, users face a learning curve and need time to adjust. Successful technology transformations require just as much, if not more, effort on the people side. A structured and dedicated focus on change management is vital to a successful launch, which is why Wursta has developed our 3E […]

Unleash the Power of Custom AI with Our Team of Experts

In today’s competitive landscape, standardized AI solutions rarely suffice. Organizations demand tailored solutions that align with their unique challenges and unlock opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer experiences, leverage data-driven insights, and accelerate innovation. We are proud to introduce our exceptional team of AI specialists, your key to unleashing the transformative power of […]

Most organizations recognize the potential of AI in transforming their operations but lack the in-house expertise to build it internally. Wursta’s new AI Workshop and AI custom development services bridge that gap from AI concept to reality. As a cloud consultancy, we make connections between your business initiatives and AI. Wursta works to understand your […]