Kickstart Your AI Projects with Wursta

Natalie Willis
  • 7 min read

Most organizations recognize the potential of AI in transforming their operations but lack the in-house expertise to build it internally. Wursta’s new AI Workshop and AI custom development services bridge that gap from AI concept to reality.

As a cloud consultancy, we make connections between your business initiatives and AI. Wursta works to understand your business initiatives and infrastructure needs in order to determine which Google Cloud AI technology product offerings will best meet those needs.

AI Solutions Workshop: From Ideas to Impact

In this collaborative two-day workshop, Wursta serves as an extension of your team. Rather than having you sit through a lengthy meeting where attention inevitably wanders, we’ve broken the workshop into two different sessions. 

In part one, our subject matter experts brainstorm alongside you to:

  • Understand the capabilities of Google’s latest AI offerings
  • Identify and prioritize use cases based on business needs
  • Connect possible use cases with Google’s offerings
  • Assess the potential benefits and returns to select the best option

After part one, you’ll come away with documentation of these understandings and an AI Playbook for your business’ specific needs. Return on day two refreshed and ready to focus, and you’ll walk away with success criteria and critical requirements for your use case. If applicable, Wursta will also present a proposal for services to build the solution discussed.

Beyond the Workshop

Our workshop helps guide you through the process of identifying the possibilities of how AI can increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, accelerate innovation and improve employee productivity.  At some point, you will be ready to build this masterpiece, and we got your back. Leveraging Google’s AI technologies, Wursta’s AI development team collaborates with clients to create custom AI solutions. We custom build in the following focus areas:

Search & Conversation

Personalized interactions and high-powered search engine for your business, allowing for seamless sifting through files and data efficiently through natural language.

Content Generation

Supercharge your business by effortlessly producing engaging text, images, and clear, data-driven insights using natural language


Anticipate trends and behaviors based on historical data for intelligent forecasting and data-driven, decision-making support.


Harness computer vision technology to interpret and act on visual data, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency across your business

Whether you’re ready to get to know Google’s AI capabilities a bit better or you are ready to build, we are ready to collaborate with you on your AI journey.  Contact us to learn more.