Gemini the right way with Wursta

Natalie Willis
  • 7 min read
Gemini for Google Workspace Change Management Services

Have you heard about Gemini for Google Workspace? Are you struggling to figure out how to introduce it successfully to your teams, how to measure the success of the rollout and how to reach faster adoption and improved ROI? As always, Wursta has the expert resources to help you implement Gemini for Google Workspace with the proper engagement, training and communication for all impacted teams – administrators, end-users and help desk teams. 

Perhaps you’ve already launched Gemini and you aren’t seeing the expected mind-blowing results, or you are considering a launch and are not sure where to begin. We understand. We know that your technology objectives are better met when you take the proper people-focused approach to driving results across the business. Wursta offers the necessary tools – training, communications, process alignment and team management – to assist with facilitating change through technology.

If you’re going to Gemini, Gemini right

As with any new solution, users can face a steep learning curve when Gemini for Workspace is added to the mix.  You can’t expect to see mind-blowing ROI and dramatic changes to productivity without helping users understand how the tool can work for them. 

We’ve got you covered! Wursta’s change management team specializes in helping customers avoid dips in efficiency and frustrations caused by a lack of a full understanding of the power of technology. 

Hot off the press, Wursta recently launched three new services to assist with rolling out Gemini for Workspace throughout your organization.

Guided Trial

Wursta’s guide to a successful 30-day trial of Gemini for Workspace. Includes a 5-step plan, use cases one-pager, communications, feedback survey, access to a training videos library and more.


Wursta’s six-week sprint to conduct discovery interviews within your company to identify AI use cases and collect feedback. Wursta will assess the current utilization of AI tools across teams and propose innovative ways to incorporate Gemini for Google Workspace to improve productivity.

Ongoing Adoption

Wursta’s long-term engagement includes everything from the Guided Trial, plus an assigned adoption specialist, new feature announcements, monthly instructor-led training, and monthly checkpoints.

Just Gemini

As you can see, Wursta knows that a structured and dedicated focus on change management is vital to a successful launch of Gemini for Google Workspace. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you on your rollout of Gemini. Connect with us to learn more about these and other professional services offered by Wursta. 

If you would like to see a quick demonstration of Gemini for Google Workspace capabilities, watch our recent on-demand webinar “Unleash the Power of AI with Google Workspace“.