Which chat application is best for your team? Slack vs. Google Chat

Rachel Stephens
  • 7 min read

Google Chat has been updated in the past few months, leveling it up to be one of the best instant messaging applications companies can use. On top of that, it’s already at home in Google’s integrated system. When you sign in to Gmail or use the mobile app, Chat is right there with the rest of your work tools. You don’t need several different applications to be productive with everything in one place: Google Workspace does it all.

But what if your company uses another chat communication tool, like Slack? You could be spending money on an application that you already have in your toolkit. Here’s Wursta’s quick comparison of Slack vs. Google Chat.

If you’re interested in a demo of Google Chat, let’s connect. If you are already a Wursta customer and would like more hands-on training or information about Google Chat, reach out to your account manager.

This article was originally posted on October 2, 2020 and has been updated to reflect recent changes.